PS3/360 Owners, What Makes You Switch From One Console To The Other?

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Are you a gamer who is fortunate to have both an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3?

Do you find yourself getting in a groove with one machine and ignoring the other? If that's the case, I was wondering what makes you switch? Or are you constantly hopping from one machine to the other?

I ask because I noticed that I had been playing 360 for several weeks this winter, choosing against the PS3 versions of multi-platform games, because I have more friends on Live. Then the noise of the Xbox started getting to me and I switched to the PS3, which, thanks to "Burnout Paradise," is now linked to a lot of my friends, too. I think "GTA" will yank me back to the 360.


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decapitator3864d ago

Man this outta be good. Am very interested to see how some of you doods will respond. Am more interested to see PoG's response though.

Exhaust3864d ago

Personally I go back and fourth between the systems based on the games that are out at the time. Got big into PS3 when R&C, Uncharted and Burnout Paradise came out. Played my 360 alot when Bioshock, Halo 3 and Mass Effect came out.

Don't see why thats a need for a flame war really. If you own both you don't have to pick one over the other. Just play the system with the latest AAA game available.

If you only own one system and feel insecure about it them I guess you troll forums putting down the games on the other system. I find that silly.

TheExecutive3864d ago

I think you just explained the reason people switch between consoles... its not because one is quieter or louder than the other its which system has the newest and best games available.

sonarus3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

lol @ switching from 360 due to fan noise.

for me it is all about the games. i buy my multiplats based on controller preference and performance mostly and being a long time ps2 owner ps3 controller feels just fine to me. however when ps3 version is unnecessarily flawed i go with 360. I use my 360 as a media player mostly, it does a better job of streaming music and arranging music than my ps3. Also it is ipod compatible, and no pushing triangle for display all doesn't count. I really really wish sony would get a music player and fix the ipod compatibility via update soon.

MURKERR3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

me personally i opted for a ps3 due to potential,after reading from numerous developers that they have reached 95% of what the 360 could do consdering the console war has just started that put me off and also given the fact i love mgs4 it was a no brainer.

i have been tempted many a time in 2007 to purchase a 360 mainly when dead rising and bioshock came out and when ps3 was getting bad press but i decided to stick.

after microsoft just abandoned xbox1 i said never again but fair dues to microsoft they nearly tempted me again in 2007 so they must be doing something right.

if they have some big unannounced exclusive this year i might be tempted again but so far this year there has been nothing to get me excited

sonarus3864d ago

lol mgs4 was not the only reason for me to buy a ps3 but if i placed percentages on the reasons, mgs4 would have the highest percentage next to GOW3 and GT5, blu ray for me was also a major factor. For me easily set the ps3 aside as the superior system. Though blu ray usage hasn't really shown superiority in games, i have been able to watch some great movies in hi def has been very nice.

Mr Seinfeld3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

I had both systems until last week. I bought both systems on the day of each launch. Oddly enughf I spent 1300 on my 360 the day of launch and 850 for the PS3. I contribute that to 4 controllers, 1 year warrenty, hard drive, 2 games, HD cable. Anyways, since November of 2007 I had not used my 360 since I bought COD4 on the PS3. And with the price drop in Europe I figured it was a matter of time until that rippled over to the states so I figured Id get something out of it. Plus I noticed Microsoft was taking 7.99 out of my account in the last 3 months and that pizzed me off. Bought a PSP with my cash.

MikeGdaGod3864d ago

for me, there are far more PS3 games i want than 360.

i really didn't have a choice for a while because i gave my 360 away the week after i got my PS3. so for now, i mostly game on my PS3. when i go over my cousin's house, that makes me switch over to 360..

i plan on getting another 360 after some games i actually want come out for it. as of right now, there are about 2 or 3.

LJWooly3864d ago

My 360 broke for the second time :(

That's all there is to it, really. It got RRoD, I got fed up, I got a PS3, and I found it to be an excellent system. I still like the 360, but for me, the PS3's just the better console. I can understand that some people would prefer the 360, though.

Feihc Retsam3864d ago

I will obviously be spending a LOT of time with the PS3 when those big exclusives drop, but when it comes to multiplat games, I go with the Xbox360 because of how easy it is to hook up with people and play, and because I already have that friend base online.

Glad to be a gamer3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

As some already know I have yet to get my ps3 as im now waiting for the mgs4 80gb pack with ds3 although was tempted by prologue briefly.

But i think my 360/ps3 will get almost equal play time this year as i can use the ps3 for its great exclusives but also to use as a computer and br player but my 360 is perfect for my music especially as i can listen to it in game. I also personally now prefer the 360 control for shooting and racing games and so this comes into play with multi platform games.

Right now the games that i want to play are on the 360/wii. I feel i have the best, most well rounded off/online gaming exp possible with Halo3,gears,pgr4,forza2,Vf5:on line,Naruto clash of the ninja, viva pinata ,lo, mass effect,Mario galaxy,MP 3,Mario strikers, mario kart,Mario and sonic olympics,endless ocean and the other titles coming this year like SSBM,ninja gaiden 2,fable 2,gears 2,banjo and kazzooie and sc:conviction.

But come Gt5,mgs4,ff13,eight days,lbp and heavy rain i know i will have to own a Ps3 to get this gaming goodness. Also pick up Unchartered,heavenly sword and rac for cheap. Never buy 1player games straight away unless its a must have.

Who doesn't want to play the best games from the best developers. I hope come June the Psn will have added the main missing features to make it as social as Live so i can enjoy its online component as much.

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TriggerHappy3864d ago

At least this well written than that "why you should pick a ps3 over 360 pos"

Marceles3864d ago

"Then the noise of the Xbox started getting to me and I switched to the PS3, which, thanks to “Burnout Paradise,” is now linked to a lot of my friends, too. I think “GTA” will yank me back to the 360."

Wow...this guy is all over the place. The noise is pretty bad though, I don't know why the disc tray has to be so loud.

TheExecutive3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

I just cant bring myself to buy a 360. I know there are plenty of good games but there are too many unknowns with the system. the failure rates, how long the system will be supported for, the pricing is still a little high for me... there are just too many unknowns now. I hope they lower their price, it will really help my decision to get one :)


Quit disagreeing with me, its a personal decision and doesnt have anything to do with you or your beloved systems. What a bunch of idiots.

decapitator3864d ago

This is N4G dude, where your personal issue is someone Else's problem and they will disagree with you.

TheExecutive3864d ago

i love that as a slogan:

N4G: "where your opinion is someone elses problem"

seriously, they should consider it...

LJWooly3864d ago

That's actually a fantastic slogan. Congrats, I might make it my forum sig :)

Glad to be a gamer3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

What more do you want from Ms they have reconfigured the 360 and have a 3year warranty that resets its self if you have to get it fixed within that time.

As ive said before the ps2 had hardware problems and ive had two of them suffer the dic read error which forced me to buy replacements.

Did this stop you from getting a Ps2?

IMO you keep using this as an excuse as you dont want a 360 due to it not having Sony on it's outer casing. Just be honest man.

NO_PUDding3862d ago

Personally 2/3 of my friends with 360's ahve had problems.

And if I could the disc scratching problems then one of them has had it multiple times and it also makes it 3/3 people have had problems with the 360.

I never had a problem with my PS2 till San Andreas, and by then, I was starting to think about a PS3. And I did have 2 PS2's. Both worked fine.

I don't think it's fair to say what you did. 360 is very erratic for all of it's very major plus points over the PS3. Although I agree people using it in arguments against the 360 it's stake, but genuinely if it's a consumer opinion then you have to accept it.

And to be honest, I am the onyl person with a PS3 in my friends group, so it's not like the RRoD or any of the 360's faults effect it's sales (tell Sony droids that). It's only a consumer opinion for gamers.

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SUP3R3864d ago

I might get a 360 when it's down to like $100-150 cuz there really isn't anything on the system that's pushing me to get one to play a game that isn't available on PC.
Right now and in the near future I'm more than satisfied with my PS3.

meepmoopmeep3864d ago

i'm sort of in the same boat as you. either the price comes down by a lot or i know for sure the hardware is more reliable. that's why i'm holding off and if the exclusives somehow make it to PC or another platform then that will save me from buying a console.