Why Sony might join Microsoft and ban used games

venturebeat: It’s no secret that upon Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One earlier this month, the majority of console gamers were beyond disappointed and rather furious.

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ltachiUchiha2980d ago

I dont believe sony will block them aswell. If they do, them & microsoft will be shooting themselves in the foot & they are going to look back & wonder WTF were we thinking.

iGAM3R-VIII2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

agreed , none of the reasons they stated are actually good enough. Sony is 100% going for gamers and they know what is right from wrong so they know that to do the used gme DRM is bad and can hurt them. In fact, we ALREADY know they will not blocked used games, they already said it 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times, the media just kept going on about it

ltachiUchiha2980d ago

Yeah they only trying to say it because they want ppl to think if microsoft is doing it so will sony. I bet they will debunk it at e3 just to shut the media up. I suggest microsoft to do the same.

Blackdeath_6632980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

if they do nintendo will benefit. i think if sony is smart they should invest more into psn and gaikai and head towards digital because you cannot have used copies of digital games as is the case with pc gaming. the use of DRM helps absolutely no one.

microsoft should have instead of using drm and making the console connect to the internet every 24hrs have made it so that each games has a registration code that comes with it and you only need to use the internet once to enter that code, after that you could install the game from the cd or online whenever. that is the way it should have been done so if anyone wanted to install a game they just need to buy a reg code from retailer or xbox live. see? problem solved MS that is how you do it without creating a fuss

2980d ago
AAACE52980d ago

See what both companies do is sit in their meeting room and realize that they have us by the balls! So they figure they can do whatever they want and we will just accept it!

That's why systems and games cost more compared to long ago.

There was no real reason to raise the price of games! They made the systems unnecessarily complicated to develop for so that studios would require more time to create games, to justify the price hike!

When you put aside a few new features, all we get are games with better graphics! They are the same length or less in most cases that games from two gens ago!

We were told the price increase was to offset the cost of developing. However, it is a greed tactic, which ended up killing off lost of developers!

@iGAMER-VIII.1.1.1... Business is about making money! No emotion other than the need to get more money applies! They don't sit in meeting rooms and talk about what people want, they talk about what they can get people to buy and how much they can get them to spend!

I am like the typical consumer. I think like you about what's right and wrong! But I understand how the corporate world is. In short terms their motto is to smile and make you feel comfortable and say with a friendly voice...


miyamoto2980d ago

and the word war goes on. the damage control escalates. venture beat is an xbox "crabs in a bucket" site. they will playd own PlayStation by mixing words like the serpent to drag Sony down M$ level of crappery.

but it will be "dameda"
the PlayStation community will tear them to shreds like they did with 360

stuna12980d ago

No, they are going to look back and say where are all the gamers! Many people support buying new games, I am one! But I would be lying if I said I've never bought used games.

There are just certain circumstances where that must have game pops up on the radar, and you're just not in a financially stable position to buy it at full price! I'm sure I'm not the only one to be in that situation.

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Rageanitus2980d ago

From what hear MS is not "blocking" used games either just chargting a trading fee or something likethat ;)

Ilovetheps52980d ago

That's correct. It's all semantics. Companies are usually great at choosing their words wisely. I'm hoping that Sony doesn't follow Microsoft and require a fee though. We'll just have to wait and see when Sony clears it up for us.

DOMination-2980d ago

People keep getting confused with the wording of such articles. Microsoft aren't blocking/banning used games. You can play used games perfectly fine on the X1. Sony have also said they won't block/ban used games.

The only difference is, MS have said they will charge a fee for this 'service' and Sony have kept quiet. This I find curious, because MS have, quite rightly had a lot of slack for their ambiguity yet Sony gets away with doing the same and lets not forget, they announced the console four months ago and we know even less about their policies than MS. Sony could go the opposite way to MS, but if that's the case, why don't they just come out and say it? Why does nobody get so vocal about Sony's silence?

No matter how you spin the infamous Eurogamer article, everything suggests Sony are going down the same route.

JD_Shadow2980d ago

And if you DON'T pay, what happens TO that used game?

Yep, it'll get blocked!

Wording is perfectly legit.

dcbronco2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

And Sony has said publishers can block used games. I doubt publishers of the major franchises will not block their games. CoD would sell several million more copies with used games blocked.

A pre-owned copy of Black Ops II is only five dollars less. That throws the I don't have the money for new games excuse out of the window. If you can't afford $5 more maybe you can't afford to game anyway. If Gamestop and others sell 2 or 3 million copies used for that price, Activision could have sold 2 million more if they weren't available. I don't think the $5 is really stopping anyone. Plus new games are always on sale.

That cost Activision tens of millions of dollars. People will disagree because they don't want to pay $5. But as popular as the game is, people will pay. And once companies like Activision open the door, it's open.

Here's what Black Ops cost at Gamestop

Here's what you can get it for new


Walmart looks like a better deal to me. So do a couple of others.

rainslacker2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

There's no way to say at this point what Sony's plans are except the "that's up to the publisher" comment. This suggests that there may be a way to block used games. I won't get into the semantic argument, or technical arguments made because it's been done to death.

But what's known right now is that MS is pretty much ready to, or was willing to, charge a fee. They're getting flack for that, and rightfully so.

With Sony, If they do something similar, then they will get flack too. However, at this point nothing has been said by Sony to indicate they're going this route, again, semantics/technicals aside. Even though I think Sony is going to be more consumer friendly on this, I still can't give my 100% to that feeling, and doubt lingers, which is why I remain silent on it.

In truth all this negative outcry may have both companies and the publishers reevaluating their plans. Sony knows the hardcore gamer is instrumental in the early success of a console, and while we all joke about MS current focus, I'm sure they know this just as well.

The fact is, MS may not even be trying to find a way to sell this, they may just be reevaluating the policy to see if now is the time to implement it. Same goes for Sony with their silence, but with Sony we don't have much to go on to begin with, so they aren't getting flack. On top of that Sony has addressed the issue in a positive way, and even made jokes about it, which does keep the focus off them.

Then of course you have the Sony pros who are 100% sure that Sony will not do it, and while I hope they're right, I am steeling myself against future disappointment(which hopefully will actually be relief).

GribbleGrunger2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Un-Be-Lievable! These sites just can't BARE to be alone in their torment. And MS are NOT rumoured to be blocking used games, they're going to take a huge slice of the second hand money pot -- which will of course mean second hand games will be more expensive.

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ShugaCane2980d ago

Sony listens to feedback. Whatever their policy is, it's going to suit their audience because they're closer to gamers than any other company. They won't break that bond, it's too precious to them, and to us.

creepjack2980d ago

Good Lord people, Microsoft is not banning or blocking used games.

Why o why2980d ago

Paywall to play?

Games tied to 1 account?

Foxgod2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Tied to one console and tthe main owners gamertag... not account.
Any account can play the game on the console that is owned by the main gamer tag.

Muerte24942980d ago

But these will just be sub accounts. You won't be able to have two main accounts tied to one game. People think Activision is pushing for this, but when was the last Cod you've seen that required an online pass?

Sony's approach is different. If you want to put DRM on your games then fine. But when your sales start being affected the that's all on you.

MRMagoo1232980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )


Thats exactly what sony are doing i couldnt agree more, ppl keep trying to put them in the same boat as M$ but they arent doing anything like them, M$ ARE making ppl pay more for second hand games sony ARE letting the devs decide the same as this gen and ppl are being totally blind to this FACT.
I also bubbled you for wellsaid

rainslacker2980d ago

That distinction between the consoles will raise some interesting discussions in terms of game sales in the future.

If the consoles sell at relatively the same number, and a game...say COD without a 2nd hand restriction on the PS4...comes out on both. It may show that people are more willing to buy games that aren't restricted, whereas the restricted one shows less than normal sales.

Or examples can be given on similar titles on the PS4, one with, and one without restrictions, that are received similarly well, to see which one gets more sales, and how affected it truly is by the game market. Sequel sales will be equally interesting.

Many examples for comparison, but it would be interesting.

I do hate the fact though that we have to be the guinea pigs for it. Would rather not really test the waters for future generations at the expense of the consumer.

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younglj012980d ago

It seems like every day there is an new article about PS4 and used games.How do these articles keep getting approve if Sony have made it very clear over and over again that the PS4 will not ban used games.

I'm sorry the more I see these articles the more I think so one is been payed too leak false information

Arai2980d ago

By the clouds...what have you done?

Morpheuzpr2980d ago

It's just that the so called "media" is nothing but a bunch of fanboys making sites and blogs to fit their agenda.

To any one ho can think it would be clear that Sony has no intention of taking advantage of any kind of DRM. They might leave it to publishers or developers, but in said case "gamers" should take it to them and not Sony.

This is a company that is giving away multiple free games each month on PS+ and people is seriously thinking they want to implement AND take advantage of DRM on there next console? I mean come on!

The reason why even from the rumors it was believable from Microsoft is because they were charging for XBL this gen so it was totally possible from them but just because they did it doesn't mean everyone will do it too. IDK just my opinion I guess.

Skate-AK2980d ago

Since it's not "always online" there really isn't a way to block used games.

MysticStrummer2980d ago

"Since it's not "always online" there really isn't a way to block used games."

They certainly can't use MS's system, that's for sure. If there's a way to do it offline I can't think of it. Publishers can still require their game to have an online connection and use the Online Pass system or something like it, but that won't hurt Sony any more than requiring an online connection for One hurts MS. I'd still say MS has a disadvantage there because One will need an online connection for every game, even ones without multi-player modes.

Muerte24942980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

stands for digital. Internet connection is required for you to check in at a particular sever housing your MAC address. If the server cannot identify your MAC address then your system will be considered invalid. This is why games this generation could only restrict the online portion of used games. If an internet connection isn't reqiured, DRM won't work. This is why Xbox One requires you to ping atleast once every 24 hours. They need to check to see if the same registered game is being used by two different MAC addresses. I'm more curious as to what will happen if your console if you don't check in. Will you still be able to play your $60 games?

rainslacker2980d ago

Technically not true. Sony has a patent to do just that. But they have gone on record saying it's not for the PS4.

That patent is where all the fuss about PS4 blocking used games came from last year.

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