The 13 best electronic versions of Dungeons & Dragons

The world of Dungeons & Dragons needs no introduction. Recently, however, the D&D community suffered the loss of one close and dear as the game's co-founder Gary Gygax passed away after battling for some years with heart ailments. But his legacy lives on: What started as a tabletop fantasy role-playing game in the '70s quickly branched out into books, video and arcade games, movies and more. Although PC gamers may think of the tricked-out Forgotten Realms games when they hear D&D, the game has actually went digital decades ago, and has gone deeper and deeper into the tech world ever since.

From the game's first forays into what passed for "computer" gaming 30 years ago to its presence in Second Life, DVICE has mapped out a timeline of the game's evolution from a tabletop classic to an electronic franchise.

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Close_Second3954d ago

...Dungeon Master on the Amiga?

That game was brilliant for its time.