Mass Effect 2 'soon but not real soon'

Matt Atwood chats to GameSpot about that lesbian love scene, the controversy surrounding the first game, and the sequels.

The game was briefly banned in Singapore and caused something of a furore due to the inclusion of the possibility of playing as a female character and having a relationship with a mono-gendered alien (who looks very much like a female).

BioWare's senior manager Matt Atwood says that this is a little unfair. He told GameSpot, "The interesting thing about Liara [the mono-gendered blue alien in question] is that in her species what they do is they join their minds and their minds become one." He said that he thought that the scenes were "really tastefully handled."

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PS360WII4874d ago

One can only hope. I'd like to know what else happens and have my dialog I selected through-out my playthrough to mean something. Well that and I only have 2 more achievements to get >< but I suppose that's a good thing this is one of the few games that I just needed to get 'em all. It was like pokemon!

Mr PS34874d ago

Soon or not soon
Next few months or next few week's
Tomorrow or today !!

Who care's anyway we got GT prolouge comming real soon and then MGS4 and then Killzone and Resistance 2 and lots more top titles comming Soon
so this Mass Deffect piece of crap can just stay on the Crapbox and not bother us again anytime soon

JasonPC360PS3Wii4874d ago

Then why are you here?.....oh wait...jealousy, thats right.

InYourMom4874d ago


Should change your name to Mr Jealous.

mintaro4874d ago

i think this means the saem thing as the God of War year soon..

Strife Lives4874d ago

If ur old enuff to watch tv. Sorry,I mean the news.u cn play ths game. all that crap on the sex scenes,that is crazy ! And,it wasnt even 20 seconds.ur bound to see more nudity in a PG13 movie.all the b1tching is just lame

VirusE4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

I just started playing mass effect Sunday and all I can say is WOW, just plain and simple WOW. This game is freaking amazing. The frame rate dips more than I would like but once I disabled the movie grain (didn’t like the effect anyway) the frame rate was a lot smoother. I am just blown away by how believable the world is and how detailed the dialog is. The voice acting is simply the best I have ever seen in a game. The game had me so captivated I was dreaming of thorian plants, geth and rouge specters all night long.

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The story is too old to be commented.