Thinking Blu-ray? Don't rush -'Lower Prices, More Movies, Better Features Coming'

You may be itching to buy a Blu-ray DVD player now that the format has won the high-definition disc standard war.

But you may want to hold off a bit before scratching that itch. By waiting a few months, you may save yourself some irritation - and a few bucks to boot.

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sonarus4492d ago

disagree all you want but 90% of blu ray haters will still end up picking blu rays sooner or later(Some are still waiting for msoft to stamp jump in on their foreheads before they do). As gamers especially denying the ps3 is the best option for hi def movies is just is even more ludicrous than your sad existence. Keep disagreeing though and postpone the inevitable

meepmoopmeep4492d ago

i have no idea who disagreed with you with the fact that the PS3 (at the moment) is the best value for a Blu-ray player and is upgradeable via firmware.

mikeslemonade4492d ago

There will no doubt be better blu-ray players that will surpass PS3 but PS3 is cheap enough now. And in a few years you can choose to get a better stand-alone player.

Sayai jin4492d ago

@Sonarus- I did not give you disagree and frankly I do not understand why people diagree without leaving a rebuttle or explantion. Anyways I think you re trying to say that the PS3 is the cheapest, best valued blu-ray currently. One has to think why would a women in her 20, 30, etc or the majorit of consumers outside of males in the ages of 18 to 30 years old want with a HD console. Most consumers will wait before buying blu-ray player, but when they do it will be a stand alone blu-ray not a console.

BenzMoney4492d ago

"Some are still waiting for msoft to stamp jump in on their foreheads before they do"

You're such a sad, pathetic child.

That being said, I will buy a Blu-Ray player when I can get one for around $150-$200. More than that just isn't *worth it* to me.

So it appears that some people just don't like to blindly hand Sony money because they said, "The format war is over, time to buy!". Some people have better priorities than that. For those who were waiting till the war was over, they can purchase now. But there are other people who are waiting until the price drops to something more reasonable - to suggest that those people are all droids of MS waiting for a rubber stamp is just sad. Sad and pathetic. Pretty much what I've come to expect from your posts.

sonarus4492d ago

@sayai Jin. Majority of us on this site are gamers thus falling into that demographic. If i was to recommend a blu ray player to my uncle i would recommend stand alone not a ps3. But on this site like it or not we are all gamers so a blu ray player that remains future proof and can also play games is second to none. Blu ray players won't hit 200 at least not till 2009 and if you are willing to wait then cool but you only delay the inevitable and lose as gamers the opportunity to play some of the best games because you insist on going stand alone. It is just a little foolish from the perspective of a gamer imo. There are 400 dollar stand alones available right now but as gamers you buy the ps3 because you know eventually there will be some awesome exclusive you want to play.
lol @benzmoney.
You actually made me laugh a little. But in the end you admitted you will eventually buy a blu ray player when it hits the 200 price range.
But regardless of your unnecessary insults i still managed to get my point across. There are 360 owners who wouldn't buy a ps3 for blu ray or stand alone either but if msoft brought out that built in hd-dvd 360 they would be selling their 360's and trying to buy the new one or if msoft came out with blu ray drive they would still hurry up and buy. Now msoft has said no blu ray isn't the future digital downloads are effectively stamping that jump in for digital downloads on their forehead keeping them content with that. So if you are content with dvd and digital downloads then that is cool but be sure the reason you are isn't because there is a green stamp on your forehead.

Sayai jin4492d ago

@Sonarus- Yup, I realize that the people on this site fall into that demographic. I was just stating this becuase I have heard people over and over online and in person try toget people to buy a PS3 as a blu-ray player who are not gamers (the majority). As a gamer if the PS3 is what you want you should get one (Blu-ry player in tthe sme regards), I know severl people who are just gas and not really into conventional movies, more like Anime instead so they have not latched on and brought a blu-ray player. Thus soe gamers are not movie watchers. I hve met people that denounce watching TV, but theu are hrdcore gamers, go figure that one out. So it is only foolish if you are a gamer and want to ply PS3 games not to buy a PS3 for games nd movies.

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decapitator4492d ago

But the great games are coming out now though, it would be nice to pick them up when they are still hot(launch)...:)

Sayai jin4492d ago

Yeah, techies have already brought and can not wait to buy (ME), but for the average consumer I do not see a big push. Many people here are only thinking about males between the ages of 16 to 30, but for all of the other consumers who make the majority could care less about HD gaming and HD movies.
It will be a few years befor DVD fades away, some analyst say even longer. For one, most people have standard TVs and even when the upgrade for HDTV becomes mandatory (2008-2009 in the US) most people will pony up and buy a HDTV that has 1080i capability. 1080p TV will still be more expensive. Most people do not care for super high definition. I DO!!! Bit the masses, the verage consumer does not. Most consumers buy a DVD to simply watch a movie, not to get eye splitting visuals and sound. I love it myself, but most do not. Blu-ray is still more expensive than DVD $29 USD to $19 USD for DVD which is still $10 cheaper. Not to include the price of the player. No doubt it has dropped in price and will continue to be cheaper so the price will not be an issue for ever. Remember, that before DVD associates allow DVD to die they will slsh prices. I think that in a few years DVD prices will get to around $15 USD, this will happen before the end of DVD's era. When that time comes (according to this rticle is 2012) around we will have an more options with new technology out the door, one being DD, new disc format, etc.

Most people will ask themselves why do I need a blu-ry player when most movies are still being produced on DVD, I do not need to spend anymore money, etc

BenzMoney4492d ago

To me, its just not worth the extra money right now.

Lumbo4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

just to correct a pretty regular misconception.

HDTV will NOT become mandatory in the US in 2008-2009, actually you got a part right, as in DIGITAL TV will become mandatory in the US if you talk about over the Air broadcasting. From mid 2009 on all terrestrial broadcasts will be digital, thats NOT the same as HDTV.

Sayai jin4492d ago

Thanks for the explantion, but I am aware of the the major broadcasting stations emitting digital signals. I state it this way as not to confuse people.

Most people think this is why people will by didgital TV, but many do not releaze that the government will offer each family 1 or 2 vouchers to subsidize the cost for the converter if the hav SDTV.

Lumbo4492d ago

yes, it always baffles me that hardly anyone knows of the voucher system in place ... but maybe people like to throw away money .. :P It certainly seems like that. Especially as the receivers start to drop to the $20-$30 price range overseas about a year after the switch to digital broadcasting.

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Lumbo4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

As pointed out above most people nowadays have SDTV sets, but did you by chance visit any electronics store lately, and did you manage to find even ONE SDTV left on sale there? The minimum you can buy today is HD-Ready sets, mostly LCD's, a few Plasmas are left but most manufactures already phased out Plasma production. So when Joe and Jane Average enter any store today the chances are 50:1 that they will buy a HDTV (ready)Set. And unsurprisingly the store staff always tries to sell something additional with the sets, in the past that where DVD sets, but as DVD players hardly bring any profit anymore (at the $25 price range they are) the clerks will surely advertise HD players as the cool thing to buy with your brand new HDTV. Maybe they even throw in a promotional copy of a popular movie on BluRay.

Sure no one "needs" an BluRay player, but no one "needs" an DVD player , too. People buy it even though they don't need it. After all cable is everywhere and so you get a wide selection of movies showing at any given time without ever buying a DVD set.

Even now the move is switching from HD-Ready to Full-HD as the "hip" thing to buy as more and more Full-HD sets get affordable. Though i would rather buy a good HD-Ready set for the price of a cheap Full-HD set, as the better HD-Ready set could easily look superior to a shabby Full-HD TV.

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