Rebuttal: Why Writers In The Games Industry Matter

Adam Maxwell stirred up a hornet's nest with his argument against writers in the games industry - an editorial Maxwell has since commented on further on his personal weblog - but the IGDA Game Writers SIG isn't going to stand for it. In this rebuttal, Brainstem Games' Ron Toland aims to put the "well-circulated myth" that "writers are nice to have, but completely dispensable."

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JoelR3858d ago

Both sides have very good points about the role of writers. I tend to lean toward having writers but I have seen amazing games which eschewed writers entirely.

kira9893858d ago

If your makin an RPG or a very story driven game... Writers are necessary...

I would like to see more writers in all games personally (being a writer myself) I think a story is a very important part of any game and one of the main reason i play games...