Echochrome For PS3/PSP Labelled "Racist"

Ripten writes:

"The mind-twisting puzzle game Echochrome made its way to Live, available on the same unit as Hot Shots Golf 5. Recently released in Japan, I was able to get my hands on some of the latter levels in the game.

As the difficulty ramped up, a mini crowd built around me. With them in awe of my genius (read; luck) I wasn't quite expecting the opinion I overheard."

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decapitator3858d ago

How the hell is this racist again ? *Sigh*

Spinner3858d ago

Those damn Japanese white-supremacists!

meepmoopmeep3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )



the author has serious issues if he can see racism in this game

Violater3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Looks like a site looking for hits.
Must be the slow news period towards E3.
We should prep ourselves for even worst submissions than this.

Ohh and the guy who made the comment must not have played a lot of Dos computer games.

No one complains when we kill aliens, who speaks out on behalf of the aliens, It's just prejudice I tell you.

M0KILLaU3858d ago

You didn't read the article did you? the author herd someone say "this game is kinda racist".

BrianC62343858d ago

I think the guy who said the game is racist is a racist himself. Or is just dumb. Some people just need to get a life already. If you do a game in black and white of course it could look racist. Everything can look racist if you spend too much time looking for it.

XBOX 3603858d ago

You'd have to be a racist to see racism in this game.

meepmoopmeep3858d ago

my bad. i didn't read the article. i retract my last comment and redirect it to the idiot he heard mentioning it.

Sayai jin3858d ago

I agree, I think this is someone who wants to see what is simply not there. These articles are getting old and tiresome.

But for those who make light of real racism have not been a victim of it themselves.

yesah3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

anyone know when echocrome is to be released for the U.S.?

and on the article, it was probably some guy desperate for conversation.

spec_ops_comm3858d ago

So when some 'young gentlemen' (read: kid) watching a demo proclaims that it's racist, all of a sudden, the game is officially shortlisted as a 'racist' game?

What?!?! It's just some little kid trying to be funny!... How the hell did this story even get published??

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Da360sucks3858d ago

bull sh!t
xboxfangirl back at it

Sayai jin3858d ago

You comments need to go into the other zone ->

decapitator3858d ago

Agreed. This is utterly bullsh1t. Does everything gaming has to be about racism ? First it was Uncharted, Resident Evil and now this ?

This sh1t has got to stop.

RealityCheck3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Wow, when you go down to this level of interpretation every Rorschach inkblot test could be interpreted with racism. I think it is more telling about the state of mind of the people making those far-fetched interpretations.

Sevir043858d ago

as a sublime attemp at being racist. and even the new marketing for the PSP when the new ceramic white came out, either way these misconceptions tend to happen. it's really only racially insecure people who get offended by small things who inturn are racist that allow this misconceptions get the best of them...

Uncharted and Resident evil are not racist it's just a game with a story that pits you against another culture for a mode of survival in finding out the truth of some thing gone terribly wrong, if people acnt understand such a thing they should really just keep the hell out of the video game industry and look at the blatant racism that happens in the present day, while not as over the top and not occoring as much as it was in the past.

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M0KILLaU3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I think pianos are racist, Just look How the white keys prevent the black ones from grouping up.

heyheyhey3858d ago

yeah it's a tough world

the white buttons on my TV remote outnumber and surround the black ones

i see this kind of opression everywhere- it just makes you wonder what kind of horrible place we live in

sometimes i just wanna pick up the 9mm and, and......

Kulupoo3858d ago

M0KILLaU hahaha good one, kudos+bubble to u
I cant wait to see wut they label Resident Evil 5

heyheyhey3858d ago


my supermarket is racist- there's more white bread than brown bread

perhaps i should sue

SL1M DADDY3858d ago

Mine is racist too! It has way more white milk than chocolate milk! Sick SOB’s!

dantesparda3858d ago

You two muthafvckas, that was funny!