Xbox One Kinect To Aid In Robot Production

As we've seen, the Xbox One Kinect is far more advanced than the current version. However, being able to track joint rotation, heart rate and a lag of only 18 billionths of a second is apparently only the beginning

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Snookies122061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Gorgeous my good sir, simply gorgeous!

At least someone's happy about it. :D

DarkBlood2061d ago

dear god no, id have to stock up on weapons, love the terminator movies though lol

FamilyGuy2060d ago

Aside from robots I see technology like this paving the way for other, similar technology.

For example: Say we live in a home where Kinect 2.0 sensors are located throughout like security cameras, but instead of simply proving security they also monitor our health like life alert. Notifying help if it sees we're having a heart attack, stroke, injured ourselves an have become unconscious, broken a bone or even if we've been attacked by someone.
Another example would be similar to the robot in the article fetching a spoon but instead we could give out commands and have it linked to software functions like bringing up he weather reports, local news, our favorite websites, virtual shopping list. "I'm getting low on mustard", and it hears you "I'm getting low on" being the que, and the item listed on a constantly accumulating shopping/grocery list.

Software supporting hardware technology like this could be used in a ton of useful ways. Helping this guy to build his robots in more human like ways is just one of them.

zeal0us2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Kinect, more like Kinect 9000, its watching you.
Its only a matter of time before it turns on us.

Dave: Xbox Off
Kinect: Dave, I afraid I can't do that
Dave: F*ck that *Reaches to unplug Xbox One*
Kinect: Sending all data to Microsoft Overload

TheSurg2061d ago

Paranoid much? Everyone are watching you right now...

Qrphe2061d ago

And this would only be possible by having the Kinect monitor and distribute consumer data: for a profit of course

*clap clap clap*

mydyingparadiselost2061d ago

One Box to rule them all!
But seriously this is pretty cool stuff, the Kinect has been used in all sorts of interesting and technologically helpful ways, Too bad it sucks at games.

soljah2061d ago

exactly kinect is capable of some pretty cool stuff. just please keep it away from my TV and gaming room.
put it in a factory or research facility where it belongs.

TXIDarkAvenger2061d ago

You sound like Kinect is forced against you in order to play games.

contradictory2061d ago

there will be Arnie who'll be terminating all other OS's and will rewrite them with W8.... NNNOOOOOOOO

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