Wired Review: Agatha Christie Too Mysterious On Wii

As a proof of concept, it works like a charm. Adventure games work very well on Wii. The interface transfers over perfectly, the one-handed controls mean you can eat lunch while you puzzle over the game's brainteasers, and high-tech graphics aren't important to the slow-paced style.

But as a game, And Then There Were None commits every cardinal sin of bad adventure design.

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PS360WII3954d ago

heh that's funny a bad score because he couldn't beat it and had to use a walkthrough. Nice form... well maybe not.

ChickeyCantor3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

And thats why i think " numbers" don't add up anything, well with reviews that is.

its also funny how they give an overall number thats based on nothing and not the average of all given numbers.
(not this website but most do)
if it was a 4.1, people would have yelled just for that 0.1