PS3 FW 2.17 Hole Give's Access to System Files ?

Ps3hax writes:

"Team PS3HaX member Spiker has reported he has found a way to access the PS3 system files. It has been confirmed that the files are accessible on firmware 2.17.

Still in the initial stages in his work, Spiker told us that there is still no way to view or edit the files, but it has opened up a small path that can hopefully lead the PS3 scene to something big."

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Lookbehind3958d ago

the stupidest thing I've ever watched on this site in 2 weeks.Doesn't show anything but playing around with his button lol.

TriggerHappy3958d ago

lol.. Well that's what happens when you have a hard time hacking a well built system.

jtmill073958d ago

I wonder why he was not able to show us how to get in to the PS3 system files but Instead showed us something he could have just disconnected and said he did it from the PS3 system files…

gaffyh3957d ago

It is a really pointless video, but I see what he is trying to do, he wants to switch the function of eject to the power on button and he thinks that by doing that the PS3 won't know that the disc has been ejected (i.e. won't immediately go back to the XMB) and then try and switch the disc with a copy.

It like the old swap magic trick for PS1/2, but I doubt it will work, the software on PS3 is way too advanced.

decapitator3958d ago

I see hackers still trying to find a way to hack the almost unhackable system. Well we will see.

heyheyhey3958d ago

wow he disabled the eject button

this can definitley lead to exciting prospects- maybe the warring factions in the middle east will stop and watch together in amazement at the eject button NOT WORKING!!!!

and then they can chat about over some tea and crumpets, have a laugh and settle their differences

jeez- just play the game man

TriggerHappy3958d ago

Lol.. Made me laugh. Thanks.

Darkiewonder3958d ago

and pretend i'm pressing it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.