Sony counting on brand loyalty for sales of pricey PlayStation 3

As the countdown to its Nov. 17 U.S. launch neared, Sony showed off its PlayStation 3 game console Thursday and named 22 titles that will be available at the same time.

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well they sure as hell can't rely on the games for sales

Jakens6422d ago

I was about to click on Agree but I Disagree just as much. I like the games comming for Sony as much as I do for the 360. But I believe (for now) that my 360 will play more of the new releases.

peksi6422d ago

"At the end of the day, Sony still has tremendous brand loyalty here, and they'll sell millions," P.J. McNealy, an analyst at American Technology Research said.

Capt CHAOS6421d ago

Doesn't it sound like the article was written by a Sony critic? Hmm.. Just a thought..

gnothe16422d ago

it takes brand loyality to sell systems an not great grames.im a big chrysler fan(300c) but plan on buying a HUMMER!! why cant they just reley on great games an a great service to move the system!!

maxtra6422d ago

i think the article has been slightly misinterpreted, they also commented on their 'robust' collection games at launch, and isnt it the analyst that states about the brand loyalty, not sony themselves?

on the other hand though, i read on threespeech the ken kutaragi interview where he states he doesnt care if the PS3 outsells the wii or the 360.

lost in translations or just pure arrogance? get your two pence in there!!!

USMChardcharger6422d ago

you guys have to admit...they have the loyalty. it is evident in these forums alone.

Mikey_Gee6421d ago (Edited 6421d ago )

Beside being a MS fan I am also a Sony fan, and you are correct in saying you see the loyality to Sony all over this site ....... PROBLEM IS .... it is almost to a CULT level where folks are very close minded.

As much as I look forward to my PS3 ..... I am not that close minded to look BEYOND the ISSUES that Sony is having or mistakes they are making just because I look forward to the console.

Remember David Koresh , Mr Manson, etc, etc .... they had a LOYAL following as well .... and those folks could not see the WRONG in what their leader was doing/saying.

NOW .... I AM NOT SAYING sony is "AN EVIL" ... it is just a "BROAD" comparison.

And yes ... MS has these these type of BLIND FAITH followers as well. Some of these guys are JUST AS BAD ... IF NOT WORSE. BUT, at least they know what the system can do. After all, they have had it for almost a year now.

I only wish some folks would open their eyes a bit more and be willing to question things at times ... even if it is in the direction of something you LONG FOR SO MUCH !!!

Point in case .... I way ALWAYS a "HARDCORE HARLEY DAVIDSON FAN" and every other bike on the planet was GARBAGE just because it was not a HD. No matter how much money I put into my bike to fix it .... IT WAS THE BEST. Well one day I woke up and said to myself, "Hey .. Maybe HD is not THE ONLY CHOICE and maybe other bikes are GOOD SOLID BIKES"

Guess what .... I do not have a Harley in the garage anymore !!!


.. all I am saying is being a bit more critical at times about your purchase ... after all .. it is YOUR MONEY .... AND YOUR RIGHT to do so.

Don't just cross your fingers and let BLIND FAITH (aka Brand Loyalty) tell you what to do.

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