Gamestop Now Accepting RROD Xboxes

Do you still have a RROD Xbox lying around collecting dust? You can now trade them into Gamestop.

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zeal0us2975d ago

Let me guess. They buy the broken Xbox pay MS $99 to fix it then sell it for $150 or more....PROFIT!!!

kahjah2975d ago

Totally true but you will get some value for a box that was broken. I think that is a good deal either way.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

animegamingnerd2975d ago

pretty much a win win for everyone

guitarded772975d ago

I'm sure they get a better deal on refurbishing since they deal in bulk.

Soldierone2974d ago

Well they are a BUSINESS not a charity....

Wagz222974d ago

They've been doing this for a while now...

kreate2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

exactly what wagz22 and gametilly saids...
except I think its been longer than a year to my memory cuz I myself traded it in before.

Transporter472974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

A win win maybe not for you, because you bought a faulty system that died on you... and you're not even getting close to what you paid for. At least that's how i see it.

Hicken2974d ago

But he'd be getting more than nothing, which is what he'd have otherwise.

AAACE52974d ago


In the adult world, most people have figured out that ALMOST ANYTHING you buy depreciates once you open it or drive it off the lot!

Usually the value drops in half! So if you buy something for $500, to the typical buyer it is worth $250-$300. Because no one knows how much you abused it.

Even if you buy it and sell it 2 days later, the question will arise, of why do you want to sell it? what's wrong with it? Did you drop it? does it have water damage?

The only thing that holds value and/or appreciates is precious metals, real estate and rarity items (cars, games, trading cards, etc)!

Everything else is just b*llsh*t to keep us occupied while we are here! We give it value in our heads because we want to believe it is worth more than it is.

P.S. That's a life lesson right there... I hope you all were listening!

Autodidactdystopia2974d ago

oh dude.. you made me laugh haha !


kreate2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

MS charges $79 to fix the Xbox if u go through the process urself instead of calling them.

rainslacker2974d ago

They have their own technicians which can refurbish systems. They don't have to pay MS a dime.

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mochachino2975d ago

Total 360 and PS3 sales may be neck and neck but the amount of working PS3s must eclipse 360s. Not that it shows in game sales though.

UNGR2974d ago

A lot of them got shipped back out after being refurbished, I doubt they just threw them out. as for game sales the 360 is leading in software by quite a few million. Probably from the morbid lack of exclusive titles, but hey lets hope they turn around and fix that at E3.

mochachino2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I had 4 refurbs there must be millions of early consoles that they disposed of (can't give a person an HDMI less refurb, or one with the launch silver panels).

And then there are all the ones that eventually broke out of warranty. My last refurb lasted 14 months, 2 months out of warranty.

Every friend of mine with a 360 had their refurb eventually break out of warranty, then bought a PS3. Yes, every person I know who had a 360 had their 360 break, one hundred percent of them. Not all RROD, a lot had faulty DVD drives.

dotwithshoes2975d ago

This is honestly OLD news, GameStop has been taking RRoD 360's for almost a year now.

LackTrue4K2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

yep, they take ps3/vita anything that is not working.
but are gana give you a hell of a lot less!
i just went in last week to trade in my vita, and the dumb a55 guy took the memory card out when the vita was on!! (your never to do that)
and it froze...long story short.

He still told me he would take it in not working for less....even though minutes before it froze, he had it in his dam hands working!!! "what an a55 hole!!!"

EDIT: most the bottom troll/funny comments!!! lol...did not read them before I made this comment, LOL..

Summons752974d ago

A year? They've always taken them in, deducted a fee because its broken (so you get less trade value) and then ship them to get fixed. I quit 2 years ago but worked there for 3 and I always was told to take them in.

dotwithshoes2974d ago

You were being told wrong then. For the previous 2-3 years, the RRoD 360's were NOT to be taken in. Before that, I think it would be taken as just a defective console. Trust me, I know their policies much too well.

Kingthrash3602975d ago

at 2$ each (must have 2 controllers, all wires and 4AA batteries)

dotwithshoes2974d ago

What are you talking about?

Soldierone2974d ago

Don't expect to get more than 10 or 20 dollars for it....

If you are going to do this, wait it out. Eventually GameStop will have a "trade up" program where you get 50 percent more towards a new console or game etc... Often times its a lot more for consoles, like double.

Skate-AK2974d ago

Yeah but wouldn't they test the console first? I am sure they will have some kind of disclaimer saying "trade-ins have to be in full working order."

Soldierone2974d ago

If its broken they just take the price down.

I had a breaking PS3, they didn't find anything wrong, but being good hearted I told them about the issue. It went from 70 dollars to 15 dollars lol

However, broken or not its still considered a "console trade in" so if you go during those promotions then you will get the bonus. Unless of course it specifically states "must be working" but if it doesn't, point it out.

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