10 Year Shelf Life For Xbox One Controller

With the Xbox One planning to be THE console to have according to Microsoft, they needed a controller that would match it. According to Bob Brown, the accessories manager for Microsoft, the Xbox One controller will last 10 years. This is also the expected lifespan of the Xbox One

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Yi-Long1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"Well duh(!), you'd need games to wear out the controller: Ofcourse the XBO controller will last a lifetime!"


Anyway, controller looks awesome and a big improvement over an already very good controller. It's just a shame that I won't be buying an Xbox One after the announcements they made, concerning (among other things) 24 hour check-ins, Always Kinect, 3 OS's, TV TV TV TV TV (and mostly just for the USA), no self-publishing indies, 2nd hand fee (so I can't GIVE or lend my games away to friends), etc etc.

I truly hope they'll backtrack from some of the announcements they made, cause the more great consoles to choose from, the better it is for everyone...

... but I doubt it. Sadly. :(

christian hour1969d ago

Agreed, this will be my first generation since Mega-Drive/SNES days that I wont have multiple consoles unless Microsoft pulls out some must have new IP's at e3, if those new IP's are mostly Kinect orientated, I'm out.

Because I've never rage played with my controller and cant understand why anyone would, considering I find video games a nice relaxing escape from the world, I don't really care about how durable the controllers are now.

Whats most important to me is, will the batteries just decide to stop charging again like they always do? Will the cables for charging randomly stop working as well like on 360?

If we're lucky, and we probably won't be, hopefulyy the new controllers charge via usb cables, and on a side note hopefully the hard drives will be standard SATA ones so we don't have to pay an arm and a leg to upgrade storage space. Sure there'll be cloud storage but I don't want my digital content being at the mercy of downtime.

But thats probably asking too much.

NeverEnding19891969d ago

No surprises here. I still have my 2 launch controllers from 2005 that work great. My 2 Dualshocks meanwhile stopped working years back despite me only buying them in 2008. PS3 controllers were far too light and toy-like IMO.

X1 controllers look to be continuing where the 360 left off: greatness. And I'm happy to see SONY making the new Dualshock controllers much more 360-like

Snookies121969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

@NeverEnding1989 - Huh weird... I've had 3 Dualshocks since they added rumble years back and all of mine still work just fine.

games_FTW1969d ago

@ NeverEnding1989
"And I'm happy to see SONY making the new Dualshock controllers much more 360-like"

no the DS4 is more like the old DS skinny and little larger with fix triggers and more suitable for the touch pad.

snipermk01969d ago

Yup, 10 year shelf life indeed. It's gonna remain on shelves for 10 years cos no one wud wanna play it.

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DonFreezer1969d ago

Most if not all the features you have mentioned have been made into a big mess of confusion by Microsoft and the ps fanboys. So wait till E3 to see what is actually true and what is not.

3-4-51969d ago

Nothing to brag about really Microsoft...

I still have all my NES + N64 controllers and they work fine.

LackTrue4K1969d ago

"10 Year Shelf Life For Xbox One Controller"

they mean at store shelf,
or living room shelf...

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mikeboccher1969d ago

Xbox one is going to be great!

Yi-Long1969d ago

... but I'm a bit skeptical, after 3 terrible E3 showings where MS focussed on Kinect and Dashboard apps...

... and after the Xbox One reveal, which revealed a TV-Box, with the focus on how you communicate with your system (Kinect, voice-commands... both of which I don't care for. At all), and VERY customer-unfriendly crap, like 24 hours check-ins, 2nd hand fee, etc etc).

From a games-perspective they didn't show me anything to get excited about (and I'm hoping E3 will change that), and hardware-wise it seems less powerful/impressive than PS4.

Finally, I'm done with paying to play online, so if I have to choose (I don't actually. I could just buy both systems), I'll go for the console that most likely will still offer Online MP for free, so I can enjoy it with all my friends, instead of just those who are willing to pay extra, and PSN+ offers a lot more value for money than XBL Gold (especially when you don't live in the USA, like I do, and thus are missing out on a lot of stuff that MS only offers to USA-residents.

Like I said, I hope they'll announce some great stuff, and that they'll backtrack on some of the announcements they made, cause we need there to be as much competition as possible, but considering everything we've seen from MS these last few years, and especially what we've heard about the new console since the reveal, I'm not yet as positive about it as you seem to be.

zerocrossing1969d ago

I wish I could share your optimism, but I personally feel that right now the Xbox One has too many negatives clouding any potential positives.

Yi-Long1969d ago

... it doesn't really matter anymore what they'll be announcing, game-wise.

In it's current state, with said limitations, I won't be buying the console.

Bluepowerzz1969d ago

gonna last more than the console ill get this for my pc ps4 combo

MasterCornholio1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Wow looks like greenpowerz has a fan club but i like this droid.

KillrateOmega1969d ago

If I was going to join the club, I'd totally be Blackpowerz or Whitepowerz.

...On second thought, those two may be controversial.

sway_z1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

We're so close to E3, and this article regarding XBone is the best they could muster??

"Hey, look!!..Over here..look, 10 year controller life cycles everybody"

Wooohoooo!!! ...Never mind the actual console ;/

talisker1969d ago

Wow, plastic which can last 10 years. So high-tech...

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