Gaming Consoles: Not Just for Games

Gaming consoles are being used for things other than games.

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caseh1966d ago

Well the process has been slow but gradual, it was going to happen sooner or later:

Sega CD - Plays Music CDs
Playstation/Saturn - VCDs
PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast - Play DVDs, Run Linux, Internet Access etc
PS3/Xbox360 - Internet browser, blu-ray, streaming media etc

They've just been adding to the stack over each gen and now we get all of the above stuffed into a single box. Can't say im entirely happy about it but it was inevitable, just look at the mobile phone market as an example.

Blackdeath_6631966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

but even still tv is not a selling point nor is it a compelling feature. i cannot understand how microsoft is failing to see that their audiance the people who would actually watch their livestream are gamers and the vast majority of them have moved to videos on demand like netflix and services of the kind and that very few of these gamers actually have cable tv. proof of this is that the ps3 (a gaming console) was the most used device to stream netflix videos.

caseh1966d ago

Like Pachter said (i think i'm the only person who actually listens to this guy sometimes), its highly probable that this generation of consoles may be the last or the last that can even be identified as a 'console' in a traditional sense. The level of functionality has simply gone too far, I didn't need a web browser or linux distro on my PS3 yet it still got added.

I agree with what you say about it not being a selling point or even remotely compelling. I barely watch TV anymore and when I do its usually through Netflix.

As for the disagrees to my original post, you people must be like 15 years old or something. i.e. You're not old enough to understand that consoles started out ONLY playing games and NOTHING else. Everything thats being added into the next gen is an accumulation of eveything that has come before it.

showtimefolks1966d ago

yeh but still don't over look the fact that most people who will buy it will be playing games on it. i would love to know how much money nintendo,sony and ms spent on R&D and other expenses just to put a cable box inside their gaming consoles. how about spending those resources on improving the specs so these consoles won't be as behind pc as they are even at launch

i am buying a ps4 unless something changes big time at E3, because to me sony has delivered the most games and bang for my buck.

Sy_Wolf1966d ago

That doesn't mean they have to be media PCs. In case y'all didn't knower is PCs already exist and shoehorning a console in to that market doesn't make it better. If people want a media PC chances are good they already have one.

asmith23061966d ago

First of all I would like to thank this article for stating the obvious; that's like saying 'Phones: not just for phone calls'. Secondly, why does the author include Sony in his rant given their unofficial motto for this next generation is 'all about the games'? Did he miss their reveal?

Themisterphenix1966d ago

The PS4 will play more then just games!

BeZdaBest1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

these guys seem to forget that sony isnt pushing media this time but the social aspect of gaming..

even in the sony-conference in feb they said..

"THE PROMISE" which also included social

zeroskie1966d ago

What? I can't believe it!

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