Samsung, LG Still Hesitant About Blu-Ray Despite Victory

With the HD-DVD format falling out of the high-definition disc format battle, Blu-ray is widely expected to eventually replace the DVD platform.

However, it seems very unlikely that South Korea will see the quick adoption of the advanced storage devices as the nation's two top manufacturers ? Samsung Electronics and LG electronics ? don't have immediate plans to accelerate their Blu-ray businesses.

Samsung Electronics said Monday that it doesn't have immediate plans to massively inject fresh capital into its five-year Blu-ray business.

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decapitator3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Man, Well, they are going eventually have to embrace it so I don't think it will be an issue in the long run.

hahahabutt3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Blu-Ray does not have the same hype DVD had and never will. Did you see the NPD numbers of HD-DVD, a dead format selling more disc then blu-ray (even tho hd has sales, its still sad)?? that goes to show that blu-ray disc adoption is still very very low. To low for companys to invest so much on, which they will lose on at the moment and maybe future.

Baliw3952d ago

this is cause HDVD prices are loooooow.
Damn BR if they dont low the fares soon!

xfrgtr3952d ago

hahahabutt,show me the link where NPD(not some HDDVD FANBOY) has said that HDDVD selling more disc then blu-ray LOL,Check the NIELSEN NUMBERS to see exactly how THE SALE OF BLURAY disc is CRUSHING HDDVD.
Sayai jin,"Most people will ask themselves why do I need a blu-ry player when most movies are still being produced on DVD, I do not need to spend anymore money, etc." And why most people bought DVD players when most movies were still available on VHS?LOL People ARE buying bluray players because it's FULL HD 1080P,while DVD is 480p,upscale is not HD

Sayai jin3952d ago

They will make plans eventually. It is something that will take time. It will be a while before blu-ray is the norm. I have stated why DVD will be around for a while"

I'm thinking... It will be a few years befor DVD fades away, some analyst say even longer. For one, most people have standard TVs and even when the upgrade for HDTV becomes mandatory (2008-2009 in the US) most people will pony up and buy a HDTV that has 1080i capability. 1080p TV will still be more expensive. Most people do not care for super high definition. I DO!!! Bit the masses, the verage consumer does not. Most consumers buy a DVD to simply watch a movie, not to get eye splitting visuals and sound. I love it myself, but most do not. Blu-ray is still more expensive than DVD $29 USD to $19 USD for DVD which is still $10 cheaper. Not to include the price of the player. No doubt it has dropped in price and will continue to be cheaper so the price will not be an issue for ever. Remember, that before DVD associates allow DVD to die they will slsh prices. I think that in a few years DVD prices will get to around $15 USD, this will happen before the end of DVD's era. When that time comes (according to this rticle is 2012) around we will have an more options with new technology out the door, one being DD, new disc format, etc.

Most people will ask themselves why do I need a blu-ry player when most movies are still being produced on DVD, I do not need to spend anymore money, etc.

This why I think they are reluctant.

bootsielon3952d ago

Because they still wanna sell those extremely expensive Blu-ray players also known as "Dual format players" lol. BURNED by their lack of foresight.

Phil Harrison Mkllll3952d ago

We don't need them! Like we didn't need MicroSoft!!! ;-D

doodle3952d ago

They are waiting to put their DUAL BURNERS in VAIO/MAC

They want to make money fro BD rom not standalone players where profit margin is not substantial

SaiyanFury3952d ago

Man does the media just NEED something to bash about? First it was "Who Will Win the Format War" which is an understandable story. Blu-ray then went on to win the format war then the media, instead of focusing on the positives, started looking for other coverage related to Blu-ray in the guise of other potential competitors like digital downloads from Apple and Microsoft, and formats like VMD and the like. I, for one, am getting tired of media covering and searching for every little negative needle in the haystack and would like to see some positive coverage for a change.