Open Letter to Microsoft: Why the Xbox One Reveal Disappointed Me

An loving open letter to Microsoft on the disappointment generated by the Xbox One's presentation, because sometimes to love one has to give some though love as well.

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Romudeth1970d ago

Great article!

As a gamer, I was disappointed by this as well. Let's hope MS brings it at E3.

Abriael1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yep, even if honestly games by themselves won't completely cancel the disappointment for the reveal and remove the "console that also happens to play games" impression to me. The vision communicated at the event is one big problem and a "hey, but we also have games!" will make many feel better, but I'm not sure it'll be all well for most.

amiga-man1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It is good to see so many gamers coming together to voice their opinion about the direction M$ is trying to take gaming, for me paying for online was a bridge too far, now it seems DRM and the rest of M$ policies are galvanising opinion and a large majority of gamers seem ready to demand better.

I hope so, consumers have a lot of power if they make the right choices.

TKChillin1969d ago

You know...its not MS's fault that their fan base Is a bunch of window licking morons. It was a reveal. About specs and what it can do. I mean how many times did they say the games part was going to be at E3. As they started talking about what all XB1 could do, I was thinking about how I could use that to enhance my gaming experience. I guess the rest of you need it spelled out for you. MS had given us an awesome gift that's going to change the way we do everything. Being able to Snap right to a guide or a YouTube walkthrough is going to be awesome. My NASCAR race get rain delayed I can play NeedforSpeed and still keep an eye on the race. I can't think of a single thing that isnt Awesome!!! People need to shut their pieholes.

DonFreezer1969d ago

What you say could only came from some blinded fanboy. Wait and see is the right thing to do.The I don't care even if they announce 30 exclusives is getting sickening.

Boody-Bandit1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

This [quoted from the article] "By making Kinect mandatory (so much that the console won’t even function without it), Microsoft passed the message that those that don’t want or can’t use it will be marginalized, and won’t be able to enjoy Xbox One games to the fullest." is something I myself have a problem with.

My main gaming room can't be altered to accommodate Kinect and I'm not going through the hassle of even trying when I would never use it.

Also the author talked about the lack of need for this device because smart phones, tablets, broadcast receivers, laptops (the same thing I've been saying since May 21st) and other devices do what MS is doing with the XBOX ONE and they do it better.

One thing the author left out though while talking about Skype is smart TV's. Not only do smart TV's have Skype and nearly every other app possible but some of them now come with motion cameras. So seriously, MS should realize the wheel has already been invented and invented better. They should've instead focused primarily on this device playing video games. <- This is where they lost me and won't get me back until these restrictions are void and their focus is primarily on what I want a gaming console for.... TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES.

Romudeth1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

This is what I've said on the The Video Game Warzone and Throwdown podcasts, no matter how bad ass the E3 conference is (and I'm hoping it is) it will never erase that first impression. You can't undo that.

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MikeMyers1970d ago

That was a good article but I do believe the market has changed, which is why Microsoft is trying to bring other mediums to the Xbox brand than just games. We've seen the consumer reaction to the Wii U and the Playstation Vita so nobody can say with great confidence these two systems will outperform their last attempts.

In a world of social media and wanting content quickly while multi-tasking consumers are more demanding than ever for having devices that do more things. E3 is where they will focus on the games part if their future.

Abriael1970d ago

Only, we already have devices that do those things. They're called our TV, and the Xbox One won't replace our TV.

The reaction to the Wii U and the Playstation Vita was due to the low number of compelling games released at launch and (in the case of the PS Vita) pricing issues. It has nothing to do with "not doing many things unrelated to gaming" Correlation doesn't imply causation.

Chadness1970d ago

I somewhat agree with you that the market has changed a bit. Also, other hardware do reach into other mediums besides games. I love being able to watch Netflix and Hulu on my PS3, for example, but at its core it is still a gaming platform.

With the Xbox One, Microsoft seemed to be saying that the system, at its core, was a TV-watching machine of some sort, with a camera so you can call your friends and, like was stated in the article, do anything other than focus on playing games. I think that's what the issue is.

It isn't that these consoles or handhelds can do things other than play games, it's that the focus was pretty much 180 degrees in the other direction from where it should have been.

sway_z1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Much like your local government, Microsoft doesn't care.

Everything so far has been smoke screened or damage controlled.

It's not the Xbox One console that is offensive to many, but the ludicrous policies that MS applies it.

You never know...MS may back down on a few things through sheer public opinion and will probably show some decent games at E3, but is it enough to rebuild public trust in MS or is it a bridge too far?



I'm with you on that my fellow gamer :)

Abriael1970d ago

Whether they care or not, short of voting with our wallet (which we still can't do because the console isn't out), all we can do is voicing our opinion.

Maybe they won't care, but trying to sway them is better than doing nothing.

BeZdaBest1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

the only reason i wont/cant get a x1 is because my internet is spotty.. and i live in new york..(f..k time warner)

josephayal1970d ago

Meh I'm going to buy all consoles But Oh god, Microsoft, Just shut up please

air11970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I guess im one of the very few that didnt think the reveal was that bad. I knew they wasnt going to show the games so I was ready to see what the console looked like and see whst it can do other than games..

I know many ppl dont care for it but that ease from game to any other media was amazing to me I hate switching inputes via remote. Now I can game then go to music to do something quick around the house then right back to the game instantly.

300k servers is a huge deal too. All it was missing was games and they clearly said they will be at e3. Plus everything that ppl are scared about is still just rumors, so just wait and if rumors sre true then bug out like many are now..

All I kmow is that next gen is shaping up to be great. I love the fact that I will be able to play ps4 games on my vita, even though I was lied to about being able to play ps3 games on it..

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