Intel “Haswell” Core i7-4770K Review With DZ87KLT-75K Motherboard

Today, Intel launches their much anticipated fourth generation core processors codenamed Haswell. The Haswell micro-architecture carries new architectural changes while carrying over the 22nm architecture while improving its efficiency. The Haswell generation of core processors are compatible with the 8-series Lynx Point chipset and the socket LGA 1150 motherboards. Today, we will be reviewing the Intel Core i7-4770K and Intel’s DZ87L-75K motherboard but before we talk about the products themselves, first we have to look into the architecture that powers them.

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kaozgamer1967d ago

i've looked at some game benchmarks for the integrated graphics. its pretty impressive

Isis061967d ago

but still... let's be honest... it's crap and I can't imagine any gamer buying this and using the integrated graphics and it only.

Letros1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I wouldn't say it's crap, it will enable more gaming capable Ultrabooks for those who do not purchase a laptop primarily for gaming.

Yes, Haswell desktop is a "meh" compared to Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge(PC gaming CPU kings), but it's mobile where this is a big leap with its power savings.

Isis061967d ago

I wasn't thinking about the mobile chips when I wrote that, should have said PC gamer.

Lazyeye791967d ago

Agreed. Intel has done a pretty good job with the integrated graphics. Even last generation HD 4000 were pretty good. They allowed me to play my games on decent settings while I saved up for a dedicated graphics card.

Just think, in ten years we may not even need dedicated graphics cards.

Isis061967d ago

But the need is strong.

adorie1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

That will depend on who does what first, but I can see gcs and cpus competing closer rather than one being phased out. Thats my opinion though and anythings possible.

adorie1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I agree. Intel has come a long ways in a short time with their intergrated solution. I wish the rest of it was as impressive though.