Surfer Girl: Starcraft = Starwars?, Call of Duty 5 and more

Surfer girl says that Starcraft was originally going to be a Star Wars title, but the Lucas camp rejected the idea. So Blizzard just had to rip off inspiration from some other source. She also mentions that the Digipen alumni at NST's are current working on a Wii action game that has many lasers and is shaping up to be better than Project H.A.M.M.E.R., fairly original too.

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SPARTAAN4489d ago

as if we didnt know tht Call of Duty 5 started development as soon as Treyarch finished cod 3 n tht IW is the one tht takes the risk n makes good games while Treyarch is makin the game just to make money out of the brand so why would they make a modern warfare cod if they were not sure if it would be a hit or not

sonarus4489d ago

no more surfer girl. her rumors are lame and she's been wrong before.

Skizelli4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Of course she's been wrong before. Isn't that why it's called a rumor in the first place?

sonarus4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

she predicted mgs4 and ff13 are coming to 360. Basically predicted every 3rd party ps3 exclusive is coming to 360. Latest rumor now la noire is coming to 360. Not saying she is ps3 biased, i am sure she isn't but she is just guessing just like all the other mgs4 rumor starters were doing.

She predicted far cry was garbage and couldn't come out this yr
also predicting no killzone this yr(sure she will be proved wrong here too)
She also said sony rejected lost as a ps3 game and lost could be worst game yet or sumthin like that.

basically she doesn't provide any significantly useful info, all she basically does is hear from a friend of a friend's friend then makes her own intelligent guesses.

She hasnt been right on any serious rumor so far. sure she was right on resistance 2 but anyone paying attention to insomniac could have told you they were well into resistance 2 development

I say fvk surfer girl. She is jst a silly little girl looking for attention. Posting her blog posts on n4g gives her undeserved readers. No more surfer girl posts especially insignificant one's like this.

Either we can surfer girl or we bring in games blow and i will start posting up the various rumors scattered on his blog and heck i'll form mine and make a couple of intelligent guesses as well.

Myspace blog or not, both are blogs with no credibility. So X all or accept all

jadenkorri4489d ago

this is an insult to starcraft...this dude should stfu and stop posting as a know your lame when...

i wonder what blizzard would do to this guy...

Squeezle4489d ago

I find it extremely hard to believe that StarCraft was originally slated to be a Star Wars game.... Anyways, it is infinitely better than any Star Wars game ever made.

yesah4489d ago

someone else who wants attention

in 2 weeks:
"Surfer Girl domain for sale!!! CHEAP CHEAP!!! MANY HITS!!!"

just dont even bother with this crap.

Skizelli4485d ago

You guys hate it so much, yet you keep reading it. Why do you care about what some anonymous person has to say on the internet? There's no sense in getting so riled.

And 2 disagrees to my previous post? Laughable, but okay.

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TheHater4489d ago

How can something be consider "inside" information if everyone already knew about it. I think everyone that played call of duty 3, and is a call of duty fan will know that Treyarch's started working on Call of Duty 5 after they have finish with Call of Duty 3. "She" is lame.

sonarus4489d ago

my point exactly. she doesnt bring any useful info and yet her crap gets posted and any useful info she brings has either been proven wrong or is yet to be proven wrong

dhammalama4489d ago

months ago she posted about resistance and detailed character classes and the plot line; starting in iceland and then travelling across america.

But I agree with you that she almost never has anything worthwhile to say.

sonarus4489d ago

lol show me the "detailed" character classes post. As far as i know she didn't post anything important that i didn't already figure out myself

Bonsai12144489d ago

she actually posted the same character tree as will be available in the 8 player co-op. i was impressed with that. otherwise, not much can be said about her rumors.

as for SC = SW. please don't smear SC's name. there's no equivalent of zerg or protoss in the SW universe.

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Strife Lives4489d ago

I am still..let me,rephrase that. I Am STILL waiting for that GDC announcement on Forza 3 and DOA 5 ! ! ! ,Forza 3,was too DOA 5 im waiting 4 and Surfer skank pissed me off with that prediction

jadenkorri4489d ago

you sure its a girl, surfer girl is a guy until i meet the sexy girl in the pic and she says im surfer girl, then i'll believe...otherwise he is not worth our time...stop posting surfer guy no so thought out posts

Gazman4489d ago

Some 40 year old virgin that still lives at home with mummy

Raziel McGee4489d ago

She is still supporting John Edwards for cripe sakes. Is he even in the running or is hopping that Obama will pick him as his Mate//\\

mintaro4489d ago

i dont think she's a girl at all.......

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