Amazon No Longer [ Directly ] Sells Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Another curious development surfaces for elusive Square Enix's Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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Arai1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

That's because Final Fantasy Versus XIII is renamed to Final Fantasy XV.

Snookies121965d ago

Let us hope... I'm almost positive that was the news SE was teasing for Sony's E3 conference. They've changed the name to XV and it's now on PS4. That would be wonderful. Although if it does switch to PS4, I hope they release a PS3 version as well.

ShugaCane1965d ago

Sure, because I bet many people still don't intend to buy a PS4 or just can't afford a new system and yet have been waiting for the game to come to the PS3 for years..

Reibooi1965d ago

I kinda think it might go to PS4 and the only real reason I think so is awhile back when showing off the game(I think the last time they showed it in a major way) Nomura stated it was running with parts of the next gen SE engine and pointed to the lighting as a example.

Nomura might have made the call to move the entire game to the new engine now that it is been officially revealed and in doing so had to move it to PS4. A move to PS4 could have also been a reason for a name change or more likely just to distance the game from the XIII franchise. Although I wonder how much the the story they would have to rework because of that. I thought there was some tie in with the other XIII games as far as the mythos goes but didn't really hear much about it nice so little info was ever released.

TopDudeMan1965d ago

Yeah, this could mean anything or nothing, to be honest.

Mr_Nuts1965d ago

Hopefully, they've had plenty of time to get rid of any fabula nova crystallis mytho crap in this game.

I mean setting apart from FF13 would be amazing and a name change would get the spotlight back on the game

Irishguy951964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

There's nothing wrong with the Fabula nova stuff. FFXIII was the problem.

Snookies, I do believe Versus will be exclusive to PS. But it is not up to Nomura. If Nomura gets told to do it for the Xbox too, he will do it. It's not as if he's a Ps fanboy or something. It's his job, he asked for the opportunity to create a FF and he got it.

Mr_Nuts1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Yes there was, FF13 was built round that and the mytho so if FF13 is the problem then so is that. I mean its a core thing in the game since the game resolves round it.

Plus I'm loving the you guys want this game to be related to FF13, sorry but that would ruin it be related to something so crap

rainslacker1964d ago

The story behind XIII wasn't that bad, and there was quite a bit of depth to the mythos. It was just poorly delivered with bland characters, and then pretty much butchered in the 2nd game. Although the 2nd game had a better game play overall. My biggest problem with the story in the first game story wise was that they just kind of threw you into it, and never really explained why it was that important. One had to read the supplemental information to really understand it, and that is just weak story-telling.

Overall individual stories surrounding the mythos could take vastly different approaches to how they're delivered, and how deep they want to go into it.

DragonKnight1965d ago

They're probably sick of waiting for a release date like the rest of us.

-Gespenst-1965d ago

This pretty much means nothing. Isn't it possible they just discontinued the item because it hasn't received a release date in 6 years and so is pointless to have as a item to pre-order let alone view?

Think about it, what is the actual point of displaying Versus XIII for purchase at the moment. It hasn't been given anything in the way of a release window.

rextraordinaire1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Next thing we know, they're turning Versus into a movie, available only on smartphones, with the ending as DLC content.

Hmm. Maybe I'm a bit sour with Square-Enix these days.

Tetsujin1965d ago

Could you imagine the older Square(Soft) titles if they were released today? How much DLC they could add to make extra money? Chrono Trigger, FF2-10, Xenogears, Bushido Blade, Einhander, Erhiegz (sp), Chrono Cross, etc come to mind.

Now that Wada is officially stepping down and the original CEO of Taito is taking over my confidence will come back "if" he decides to at least allow freedom, and not always allow Microsoft to flex their checkbook.

rextraordinaire1965d ago

Well, they would put Gogo and Umaro as DLC characters for sure in FF6, and most of Strago's Lore Magics would be too.

At least they've registered a trademark for Star Ocean recently, let's just hope that means Tri-Ace is back in the game. (If I remember correctly, Tri-Ace was involved XIII-2 battle system, which was not bad in any way.)

As I see it, more money to Tri-Ace means a slight chance of ever seeing Valkyrie Profile 3: Hrist.

Yeah, it all depends of the direction Square-Enix will take starting with XIII-3, lightning returns...

josephayal1965d ago

After playing FF13 I'll never buy another one

Tetsujin1965d ago

I'm waiting on vs13/15, if that game is garbage then I'm done with Square Enix until the new CEO starts some projects the fans at least asked for, and that's actually good.

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