PSLS’ Mourning Wood Episode 013: The Impending Death of Insomniac

by Chandler Wood

Welcome to unlucky episode 13 of Mourning Wood. Mourning is not a misspelling, but rather a theme as I explore the grave that Insomniac has been digging for themselves with their Gatorade powered new game, Fuse. I also mention my distaste for a certain popular video game journalist and the self-serving ways in which he operates. One might say I “lose my shirt” when discussing this topic. Enjoy this week’s episode of Morning Wood.

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dbjj120881967d ago

I like Fuse, but I'm playing co-op with three other people so that might be a factor.

Foolsjoker1967d ago

I think Fuse is just getting a bad rap for not being Resistance or R&C.

knifefight1967d ago

Maybe they will come back with a new IP for Sony.