Why your friends will choose the console you buy

Owning the head space around the Call of Duty franchise is not just about selling units, it’s about selling bundles of units to entire communities of gamers.

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Yi-Long2017d ago

... so they won't be getting Xbox Live, and neither will I anymore.

LackTrue4K2017d ago

"true that!!!
40+ friends/clan members are ready for the PS4"

TopDudeMan2017d ago

I decided to just make friends on whatever platform I play on rather than try to stick to the same group of friends that I play with. It isn't hard to just do that. Plus, my real life friends mostly play shooters whereas my gaming friends play RPGs.

RIP_Cell2017d ago

who said PS4 has free online?

Swiftfox2017d ago

RIP_Cell may have asked a devils advocate question, but in this case there is merit.

We don't know if online gameplay will remain a free service of PSN on the PS4.

In an interview with Shuhei Yoshida back in February, he was asked if online play would remain free...
“We totally believe that we want to provide more functionality and more services and more content on the network. And so we are looking at how we are going to structure that. And we are not ready to talk about that.”

This may just mean they are looking for ways to tier the new features with existing ones, but the fact remains there is no definite answer. I have yet to find confirmation from Sony to prove otherwise. If someone has found confirmation from Sony stating online gaming will remain a free service of PSN on PS4, please post it. =)

Hopefully, this situation will be positively addressed at E3.

MysticStrummer2017d ago

My friends have never chosen what console I buy. They all bought 360s. I waited for PS3. Now they all have a PS3 and no 360. Who chose for who? ; )

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Kalowest2017d ago

I'm getting all next-gen systems!!!

byeGollum2017d ago

I want them all too. . They'll all have games I want to play. .

ltachiUchiha2017d ago

I kinda agree with the article but at the same time i think where microft got its momentum was from the year head start. 360 was alot cheaper then ps3. Also the ps3 was a pain in the azz for 3rd party studios to get a hang of and because the ps3 launched at an expensive price. All this is what lead the 360 to where its at now & rrod was a big factor too. Not trying to sound fanboyish because I own all the current gen systems but these were the reasons why microsoft did so well this current gen.

NYC_Gamer2017d ago

My plan is to buy both PS4 and XB1 for different software and hardware features

ltachiUchiha2017d ago

Im kinda keen about microsoft right now but it could change but its up to them to make that decision. They either ignore us with just going on ahead with their bold plan or they can win us all back at e3 with what gamers want them to do. Its their choice.

golding892017d ago

That is exactly how i feel..only time will tell

bub162017d ago

i disagree. im slowing turning to a wii u fan! my friend and this community hate me for it!

ill be playing alone :(

PigPen2017d ago

If you buy this game for the Wii U, I'll play with you.

TwistedMetal2017d ago

ill play with myself like i do every night. it just feels so good to play with my wii

PigPen2017d ago

I was talking online.

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The story is too old to be commented.