GTA V Collector’s Edition sold out after just one week

BehindGames writes: Barely a week after Rockstar has announced the Collector's Edition and Special Edition for GTA V, And released for pre-orders, The Collector's Edition seems to be already completely sold out.

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ltachiUchiha1993d ago

I am not surprised, this is a huge franchise & ppl are dying to play this.

admiralvic1993d ago

I wouldn't put too much stock in this, since Amazon only stocks what they're 100% sure they have. This could (albeit unlikely) be restocked today, tomorrow or next month.

3-4-51992d ago

it's not about's about past history....

This is going to possibly be the best selling game of all time.

Doing that against 2 brand new consoles as well.

yeahokchief1991d ago

Me either. All my friends on PSN are either getting SE or CE. Most of us are getting the collectors.

Cannot wait. game of the year? more like game of the generation.

Cam9771993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I would buy it but the majority of the stuff is junk. Even in the "special edition" I don't think it's worth it because all it really has is a map, DLC and a tin. Rockstar really screwed these editions up by cramming them with DLC.

The purpose of a collector's edition is to give collectors a good amount of content to enjoy with a good resale value - NOT one time content that is removed come the second buyer's purchase. There would be no point buying it second hand because it'd be a ripoff as only half of the content would be there. What is there to enjoy in a cheap bag and a hat I wouldn't dare wear in public? Maybe if the DLC was on disc it's be worth it, but no.

Also, Amazon UK still has the 360 edition available for preorder.

imgnku1993d ago

I dont think you understand, but they do not make money off of 2nd hand sales. They did this so that people will buy it and make money from it. Collector's edition in games isnt meant for resale, but about genuine added bonus content/gameplay/whatever for "fans" who bought it.

Raf1k11993d ago

'genuine added bonus content/gameplay/whatever for "fans" who bought it' should be for anyone who bought it regardless of it being brand new or second hand.

Themba761993d ago

the GTA4 collectors edition was better.

HammadTheBeast1993d ago

I remember when the map was standard with GTA 2 on my PS1,and I would frantically look to find where I needed to go...


Tenac871992d ago

I'm pretty sure the normal game will ship with a map. On the Special Addition announcement ( it reads; "This exclusive, Additional Map" Which I take as meaning that the game will still ship with a map, The Collectors edition just comes with an additional, cool Blue Print of San Andreas that also shows side missions and other "points of interest"

Also, Remember that every single GTA game has shipped with a map, as well as Rockstars recent releases such as Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire. I highly doubt they will discontinue this trend with GTA V. It would be a stupid move on there part, Considering all the backlash it would cause (Remember when we didn't get any new info for a while, and fans went Rabid? It would be like that but a million times worse)

DhionatanSantos1991d ago

Damn how u suck! I AM proudly wearing that awesome Los Santos cap. 'Wouldn't dare wearing in public' ? dafuq is wrong with ya? cuz u r prejudicious/lack of style doesn't mean every other gta/r* fan also is.

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bub161993d ago

Please smash cod record sales!!

Prcko1993d ago

not suprised,as expected

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