Interview: Trion CEO Lars Buttler - The Coming Cycle writes: "When Activision's Bobby Kotick spoke of his company's merger with Vivendi - and the need for a company to invest USD 500 million to USD 1 billion in order to take on World of Warcraft - Trion World Networks CEO Lars Buttler said he was calling Kotick's bluff. That's pretty tough talk from a company which has yet to introduce a single product.

And yet, Trion has managed to raise USD 30 million in funding with partners such as Time Warner, GE/NBC Universal and Betrelsmann AG. It has established a partnership with HP, formed studios in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay area, and hired execs with experience at companies such as SOE, Webizen, New World Computing, NCSoft, EA and Atari. That's hardly the usual pedigree of a startup company.

We spoke to CEO Dr Lars Buttler about his recent remarks, why Trion hasn't yet revealed its products, the error of a zero-sum game mentality and the server-based games future he envisions."

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