Square Enix Invites Fans To Ask Questions For Their Upcoming E3 Event

With E3 just around the corner, Yoshinori Kitase and the rest of Square Enix are preparing for the big event with a special Q&A Twitter session regarding Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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ShugaCane1964d ago

Of course, no question regarding FF Versus XIII. How surprising from SE.. They better show it at E3 or I'll definitely lose faith in them. The joke has to end now.

Pozzle1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I want to be optimistic. I really really do. But with E3 so near, and not a hint of Versus XIII being mentioned, I won't be surprised it it isn't shown YET AGAIN. :(

Arai1964d ago

I think it will be at Sony's conference...

JoySticksFTW1964d ago

@ Arai

Great clues in that link

I hope detective-gaf has the right of it

Prodigy-X1964d ago

Nobody cares about Lightning.

knifefight1964d ago

That's not a question, though. They're asking for QUESTIONS.

...So you gotta phrase it like, "Who cares about Lightning?" or "What makes you think anyone cares about Lightning?" or something like that. ;)

KrisButtar1964d ago

can't wait for lightning returns.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1964d ago

I am with u on that. I eagerly await everything SE has planned this year FFX/X-2HD, and KH1.5 as well.

godslayer4291964d ago

heres my 2 questions,

nobody likes FF13 so why do you continue to make those games?

wheres is VS and why does it take your company 10 years to make a decent videogame when naughty dog makes one in 2 years.

nick3091964d ago

Ppl did like ff 13, i liked if as well.. And look at the reviews /:

princejb1341964d ago

My 2 questions would be

Where is final fantasy versus 13?

Will you ever make a real kingdom hearts sequel

Shinro1964d ago

The reason they keep making FF13 related games is because it is cheap to develop them, and people will buy them anyway.

What I mean by cheap, is that they've been reusing assets from the first FF13 game. Like character models, props, shaders, animation, even the game engine. Sure they tweeked it a lot but it's cheaper and faster than creating them from scratch.

kreate1964d ago

'Square Enix Invites Fans To Ask Questions For Their Upcoming E3 Event'

they are asking us to ask questions?
would they even give us a straight up answer?

if square doesn't know our questions and wants by now, that's a epic fail right there.

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The story is too old to be commented.