Japan Is Missing Out On A Lot Of Xbox 360 Games

Aside from the occasional shooter or visual novel, the Xbox 360 is mostly neglected in Japan. It wasn’t always this way, Microsoft courted Japan by making publishing deals with Japanese developers for the console’s launch.

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ltachiUchiha1964d ago

I dont blame them, unless u show u can support their type of games they enjoy no matter how bad your system is failing their. Japan doesnt have the trust factor yet for microsoft as they do with sony, & nintendo.

testerg351963d ago

In the beginning MS had more JRPGs that the PS3 and had a lot of support for the Japanese market, but Japan still didn't buy the console. I'm not sure what MS needed to do different.

nukeitall1963d ago

What MS needed was being bought up by a Japanese company i.e. turn into a Japanese owned company.

That would fix it instantly!

The Japanese are the worlds most nationalistic people, that buy their own brands first and foremost. In most cases, only when there isn't a Japanese equivalent will they pick a foreign product.

ltachiUchiha1963d ago

The problem is u cant just give up. The vita and doing that great in japan as the 3ds but sony keeps dishing out games they enjoy. You have to stay consistent with fresh games to attract japan, not just try the 1st year or 2 then just forget about japan and before anyone says they hate american products. They love apples ipods and ipads.

testerg351963d ago

Itachi, so how's the pspgo doing?

grimmweisse1963d ago

@nukeitall, that's pretty much a very old view on the Japanese. On the train most japanese I see are either using an American smart phone, iPhone or Korean, Samsung galaxy. It's the older generation that believe in everything being Japanese.

If a product is trendy, they will buy it. The Xbox brand is just not a gaming brand the Japanese take interest with. The main interest now is smartphone gaming, it has taken off dramatically, every week there seems to be a new card based collector game. I see more students with smartphone playing games than 3ds'.

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3-4-51963d ago

and we have been missing out on good Japanese games forever.

neither side is happy with it

Donnieboi1963d ago

I don't think the Japanese care. Hell, i'm American and even I sold my 360. It just doesn't satisfy my tastes. Also I like deeper games, just like the Japanese tend to also prefer.

360 just had one too many western shooters for my liking. Meh.

OniAsura1963d ago

I just prefer games that aren't shooters which is the only reason why I've stuck with Sony for the PS1/PS2/PS3 and now probably the PS4. Really liked Valkyria Chronicles this gen. Hope to see more like that on the PS4

cyhm31121963d ago

No offence, western games especially american games are quite boring, of course there are some better ones out there, but Japanese games just bring more innovations, fun things to the table. If you look at the Japanese games, they have more ideas and the art style are much cooler than western ones but they mostly can be found on handheld games only.

Rhaigun1963d ago

Sure. This is why Japanese devs have said Western companies are beating them at their own game. /s

I could take you seriously if it wasn't for Mass Effect, Heavy Rain, GTA, God of War, Uncharted, Kill zone, Infamous, Assassin's Creed, Fallout, Sky rim and a multitude of others.

If you limited yourself to nothing but Japanese games, I feel sorry for you as a gamer.

1963d ago
xJumpManx1963d ago

Japanese have the wierdest of tastes its a shame 360 does not sell well there its such a small territory you can't win them all.

rezzah1963d ago

You should consider growing up, then maybe you would understand a little more about the world you live in. Especially the differences in cultures and why what you consider good isn't universal.

Blackdeath_6631963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

i don't think its weird to want to play something that doesn't require you to shoot things repeatedly once in a while. in fact many japanese games a VERY popular in western countries just not on the xbox.

xJumpManx1963d ago

Sure the rest of the world needs more japanese Gems like Rapelay.

sway_z1963d ago

Because the Japanese are very intelligent people...


Snookies121963d ago

Can't argue there, they come up with some crazy awesome ideas in Japan.

strigoi8141963d ago

actually it was Microsoft missing out on Japan that's why they are not getting any love back.,

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