Nintendo Life: Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo Review

Nintendo Life: While it wasn't quite the workhorse that Rare was during the Nintendo 64 era, Factor 5 developed a handful of third-party games that arguably matched Nintendo's own efforts in terms of technical quality. The studio had a knack for getting underneath the hood of the system and exploiting its raw power to create fascinating visual experiences. Its first effort on the N64, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, was a considerable success and praised by critics for its visual prowess. Given how superb the title's visuals were, you'd think it impossible for Factor 5 to top it. Nevertheless, in late 2000 (early 2001 in Europe), Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo — a spiritual successor to Rogue Squadron — was released. Developed in collaboration with LucasArts, the title features some of the best visual and audio work seen in an N64 game.

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