5 ways Google Play game services could top iOS Game Center

Pocket Gamer: Would it shock you to learn that Apple's online social gaming network for iOS, Game Center, was announced just over three years ago? It surprised the hell out of me.

So the question for all Android gamers is, what has Google being doing in that time?

Of course it's had other, rather more pressing, things on its mind, such as dragging the Android platform as a whole into contention.

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ltachiUchiha1969d ago

The google play thing looks interesting.

RiPPn1968d ago

I use ios and when game center launched I thought it would be great to have an Xbox Live/PSN experience on my iphone. Sadly it really isn't even close. The trophies are boring. The app is boring. The way it compares games to your contacts is tedious. It needs a major overhaul. The good thing about google launching Play is maybe it will light the competitive fire under Apples booty and get them to fix it. Though if the iphone 5s doesn't impress I may be moving to droid anyway so it won't matter.

iliimaster1968d ago

have u taken the time to read what requirements of installing these games are? or most i should say its insane and makes xboxone drm seem nice...

cyclindk1968d ago

I really like the controller in the picture