Halo 3 vs. CoD4 Multiplayer

In some regards, these are hard experiences to compare. In many ways it feels like comparing Unreal Tournament to Counter-Strike. They are both FPS games, but very very different in a variety of ways.

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toughNAME4834d ago

I'd say the core gameplay is similar in a way, it just depends on taste.

But when you break it down, Halo 3 is miles ahead, with innovation being the leading factor.

TBH I'm surprised COD4's popularity has lasted this long, but I've said this many times: COD4 will be forgotten about in a few months.

LastDance4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

i disagree dood, halo 3 is full of annoying idoits, melee attacks, jumping and teabagging. I have 10 times more fun playing COD4.

I dont see where the innovation is in halo 3? Ive played online many times. are you talking about forage or something?

mikeslemonade4834d ago

Both games will be gone when Resistance 2 is out.

gEnKiE4834d ago

Ok, if the "core" gameplay is the same of both games and it depends on the players taste of what tickles your fancy, why are you then saying Halo is better? Anyways, your saying Halo 3 is light years ahead of COD4?..... I just gotta laugh at that, lol.

barom4834d ago

Wut? What is so innovative about Halo 3? It's just a well made FPS, it is not innovative at all. COD4 introduced at least some stuff like Airstrike and Chopper.

Personally I'm surprised Halo 3 is that popular. But I guess I'm one of those that will never get how and why Halo 3 is so great.

sak5004834d ago

I stopped playing Halo3 since i started on COD4. It got me as addicted as I got when i played Battlefield 1942 online for the first time back couple of years back. I also stopped playing 2142 on pc cuz of COD4. I gave my cope of Halo3 to my nephew and tried it at their house but it felt slow and tad bit boring. Hope BF:BC can wrest me away from COD4.

sonarus4834d ago

lol it all depend on personal taste and unfortunately looks like cod4 is stealing halo players. Personally i hate both but if i had to pick, i would go with halo. Both get pretty boring for me after more than 30mins of play but i just never really sat down to play cod4 properly so its prob better but at least halo has vehicles

BeaArthur4834d ago

toughNAME...have to disagree, I think CoD is way better, and I'm curious as to what is so innovative about Halo 3? Last time I checked it was very similar to Halo 2.

mikeslemonade...Resistance is miles behind both of them and there is no reason to think that Resistance 2 is going to gain any ground.

tony4834d ago

will be forgotten when call of duty 6 launch.

Mr Playboy4834d ago

I agree with toughname

Halo 3 MP is more enjoyable to me than any other game


In SP I'll choose COD4 but in MP Halo 3 is so much better

otherZinc4834d ago

That is the truth, HALO 3, forget that, HALO 1 & 2 are also miles ahead of COD 4.

COD 4 is a step back from COD 2, for him to say COD4's single player is better than HALO is ridiculous.

I don't have time right now to list the everything but for those that know games, know this for a fact.

Ill elaborate later if I need to.

Time_Is_On_My_Side4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Halo 3 is the third installment considering its name and it feels like an expansion pack. there's nothing really new in Halo 3 it's just more of the same thing.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is amazing it's the fourth installment considering the title and it's nothing like the World War 2 games. The campaign is amazing the sniper mission is so intense you'll be sweating through the entire level.

What's really embarrassing that it's on the PlayStation 3 and PC so it isn't even an exclusive. Halo 3 is too familiar with Halo 2 so I have been playing the same game already. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare feels fresh just the core game-play is much better.

socomnick4834d ago

Lol why is Resistance mentioned that game was mediocre. It was boring and the story was easily overlooked.

Faztkiller4834d ago

i have both but play halo more than cod

choldstare4833d ago

Halo 3 is no where near being the modern unreal tournament.. The modern unreal tournament is unreal 3. The game is nothing like unreal tournament when every one moves 2 miles an hour and it takes a whole clip of a weapon to kill someone. UT requires much more pure skill and reflexes. If you played UT seriously you know exactly what I'm talking about.

jadenkorri4833d ago

COD4 is amazing, Halo 3 is Halo sry to all you Halo fans, but Halo 1 was great..then 2 sequels to bring in the money, thats all they were, they weren't innovative at all, they remade the same character used the same engine, added a few new weapons and play as another character...oh ya big deal...but its still master chief in the end...Now COD4, its gone into modern warfare, thats whats so innovative about it and it was done great, the single player mode just blew my mind away with story and the multi-player is by far the best online fps i have ever played...COD4 won;t be going anywhere and Halo 3, yes its popular, its still 2nd, but get over it....

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ichimaru4834d ago

both exeptiona multiplyers, call of duty has perks halo has aircraft and vehicles, call of duty is more active on live, halo 3 has a partysystem. both are great

ZTO Jamie4834d ago

COD 4 also has a party system.

I think that its too difficult to compare both these games. They are completly different styles of FPS. A game like Rainbow Six, you can compare COD too, but not Halo.

COD's matchmaking system is pretty naff, its doesn't take into account levels, so a beginner to the game can face of against a level 55 10th prestige.

abuze4834d ago

Both Suck.

There nothing but Arcade shooters TO ME.

I like realism.

Rainbow six vegas is better than both, BUT Counter Strike is better than Rainbow six vegas 1 and 2.

The Best game is SOCOM.

When that game comes out for PS3, CoD4 will NOT matter anymore for most Playstation online players.

bluegoblin4834d ago

sorry to disagree but there is not another shooter out there that is more realistic than CoD4

ZTO Jamie4832d ago

If you think COD is the most realistic shooter, then go play Rainbow 6, or Socom. THEY are realistic. COD is half realistic, half arcade shooter.

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Sayai jin4834d ago

This is very subjective. It depends what you like. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks!

wallace10004834d ago

Agreed, it is all down to personal taste. I find COD4 is more realist and tactical since it is based on real life. Halo 3 is all scifi but is also sweet.

LinuxGuru4834d ago

I spent a day playing Halo 3 multiplayer at my friend's place the other day, and to be honest...

It just felt like an enhanced Halo 2...

I wasn't impressed.

Actually one thing did impress me; HDR lighting, that's it.

WIIIS14834d ago

It is always the same story "playing at a friend's place".

LinuxGuru4834d ago

Well....I did, ok?

Are you accusing me of lying, when you do not even possibly know me at all?

I went to my friend's house, turned on HIS 360, and played HIS copy of Halo 3 on HIS tv while drinking HIS beer.

LOL, even though the game didn't enthrall me so, we still had fun, because we got drunk and played portal afterwards.

gEnKiE4834d ago

I get bored after playing Halo online for too long. I need something more emersive such as COD4 or Rainbow Six. Halo is just too much run and gunning IMO. So, my vote is COD4.