Next Generation and the DRM Fail

I’ve been a gamer since I was introduced to the Apple 2 when I was ten years old, I even started my programming career on one - I’ve now been gaming for over thirty years - let me take you through some of my collection, the majority of which I still own …

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kevnb2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Hoarder much? People call this collecting, but it's ridiculous and is why I prefer having 500 games on steam as opposed to 500 cases lying around my living room. It's the same with music, I might keep a few vynils and maybe a hand ful of CDs and that's it. People do feel like they own something a bit more when it's physical. I don't feel like i own my games when I can't make backup copies of them... This became a reality when my Xbox 360 put a ring in my oblivion disk.

rainslacker2933d ago

Thing don't really own that stuff on Steam. They can take it away from you at any moment. There was a point last year, where they did that to anyone who wouldn't agree with their new TOS. ones and zeros are not a collection, it's a set of data.

Collecting is a hobby of keeping the things that have value to you. To be able to hold, touch, look, or play these games is something that many collectors hold dear. You are not right to call them hoarders, or disparage their choices just because it isn't what you like. Collectors collect what they like, and everyone else be damned.

This long term collecting the author is talking about is an issue with the new DRM methods being proposed by MS. It takes away the ownership of materials from the user, thus we are collecting nothing but trash. One day, when we may want to get these games long after their shelf life, or server availability, we won't be able to in their original form. That's a very bad thing to a collector.

It's gone mostly ignored in this whole issue, but I can guarantee you any video game collector, particularly like this guy or myself, has it very prevalent in their minds. Just imagine as a collector not being able to find an old copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. Now apply that to any next gen game that has DRM attached to it. Imagine for a collector not being able to find that one game from your youth at a garage sale and having all those memories come back to make you remember why you like games in the first place. DRM strips away part of who we are, and part of what makes us so passionate about gaming in the first place.

The current DRM schemes being proposed put an effective expiration date on the console and the software. It's nothing more than DD, and as such, DD is not collecting, it's control.

Ninjamonkey822933d ago

I found this out with a payment disagreement over an item i got for £10 on Steam. Two weeks i was with out an entire collection I'd paid more than £600 on for a mistake on PayPals side.

But they can and will shut things down just like that and it's a fight to get your stuff back. Some people just don't read into the policy's.

punisher992933d ago

lol He actually already owns the xbox1. :)

SpinalRemains2933d ago

Right on!

Agreed 100% And I have shared many of your gaming experiences....although my shelves are nor currently bending under the weight of my games lol. I just sell them all back.

Great article.

hiredhelp2933d ago

Glad to know there other retro gamers out there nice collection.

Ninjamonkey822933d ago

Been a Gamer seen 1987 started for me with my Amstard 464cpc. Thirty three years old now and my thoughts are exactly the same as this fellas. Good read and good collection off games.

They ain't just looking kiddy's to buy there systems. Remember there's the gamers that have been playing for the generations.

They also rely on us handing down the cash.

I've played nearly everything he has there lol :)

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