How Did Your Computer Crash? Check the Instant Replay

NYTimes writes: "Anyone who uses a computer knows what it's like to have the system crash. Crashes are the digital world's addition to that short list of inevitables, death and taxes. But what if you could record the crash and play it back, like TiVo for software?

That idea inspired two software engineers, Jonathan Lindo and Jeffrey Daudel, to figure out such a product. They have succeeded, and are now moving from the niche market where they proved the idea and onto a bigger stage".

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BrianC62343861d ago

Great. Just what we need. Another program running on our computer that might crash it. No thanks.

IdleLeeSiuLung3860d ago

One big company is using it, but it certainly sounds like smoke and mirrors to me. Perhaps it is just the way the article is written, but very interresting.

I wonder how they did it...