Five Features Xbox Live Needs

Steve Wysowski from writes:

For me, Xbox LIVE was the sole reason to purchase an Xbox 360 in November of 2005. As launch swiftly approached, my ambivalence towards Microsoft's new, creamy system wasn't finding any answers. I wasn't too interested in the launch games the system was releasing with, and I wasn't faithful to the original Xbox at all. However, when I saw all the features that the 360's new online service was expected to boast, I was convinced.

Two and a quarter years later, I can now easily say I made a good investment. I have spent thousands of hours with my 360 (yeah, an RROD is on its way no doubt), and I have never spent as much time any other system as I have with my unit. While the system has been solid and the games have been great, it is Microsoft's LIVE service that has kept me playing for so long.Xbox LIVE is truly Microsoft's water and air, as without it, I doubt the company's Xbox brand would be half of what it is. It was my original reasoning for purchasing the system, and it has paid off in every way possible.

While the Xbox LIVE is far and beyond a better service than its competitors, there are still some problems that can be fixed and some additions that can be added to put LIVE in a separate universe (although its annual fee would probably pull it back in anyway). So, I have listed the top five additions I believe Microsoft should consider to add to Xbox LIVE when its spring update rolls around.

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Lord Anubis4831d ago

Very good requests. A social gaming site where you can discuss games and interact with other gamers is a must for any console.

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masterdebator4831d ago (Edited 4831d ago )

Your flamer, and you should be in the open zone, but you are right for the most part.

mikeslemonade4831d ago

Where is the update that makes it free?

sonarus4831d ago

the thing is if you stack up ps3 features to add, it will probably exceed 5. Sony needs to get their act together and stop leaving us gamers complaining. Been like a month we have been hearing in game xmb on its way and is already ready. Lets not even talk about that in shirt xmb crap. You know wat screw you sony i'm selling my ps3 today...i wish i could just say that with mgs4 round the corner i will hold on to my ps3 or risk having to buy a new one:(

lessthanmarcus4830d ago

I'm a gamer. If I wanted a social network I would get on Myspace. GTFO

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linkofhyrule0074831d ago

Nice list, but I don't think a browser on a console is viable. Sure, you can plug in a keyboard, but why not just use your PC? And there's no way they'd be able to do it from the side menu (at least I really doubt it).

Everything else, yeah, is needed. Especially conference chat.

And to "Da360sucks", no, only one of those is on the PS3 ;-)

EastCoastSB4830d ago

Full internet browser and conference chats are on the PSN.

But that still doesn't make it up to standards with Live, it needs in-game messaging and chat.

toughNAME4831d ago (Edited 4831d ago )

1. Unified Clan Systen

2. open ended Group Chat

3. All online multiplayer games must have party systems similar to that of Halo TWO (minimum).

4. The death of Microsoft Points

5. Slow down, we want healthy competition, not the slaughtering of other online services

boogeyman9994831d ago

Shouldn't console bashing be in the Open Zone "Da360Sucks"?

roflcopterattack4831d ago (Edited 4831d ago )

I completely agree
I mean serously, wtf is up with XBL recently, I think it sucks, bad. I want these features implemented, now. Or else. I am work for Microsex btw.

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