Sony claims Xbox 360 requires HD DVD, etc., thus costs $700

Ok, here's a new one: with Sony's announcements today they've issued a titled "Next-generation Console Comparison Fact Sheet," (downloadable here [DOC]) so let's see some facts. First up, were you aware that to use your Xbox 360 Core system you're required to buy the 20GB drive add-on, an HD DVD drive, a wireless controller, and an Xbox Live sub? We weren't either. But hey, it says right there, "requires users to buy" and this is, in fact, a "fact sheet." Of course, none of that's actually true, and what's more, were one to use the Xbox 360 Premium console pack in that chart instead of the Core pack, the total would be $399 for a console with that very same hard drive, wireless controller, and Xbox Live Silver subscription (which provides access to everything but multiplayer) -- remember, kids, an HD DVD drive is not required to do anything but watch high def movies -- it has nothing to do with high def gaming. We hear Microsoft ain't too happy about this chart either and is preparing certain legal action, namely because it could be misleading to otherwise unwitting retail employees selling customers game consoles this holiday season. Go figure.

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original seed6391d ago

No wonder Sony Fanboys are the way they are. They learn it from Sony. Good job on twisting the truth. Ha ha ha. This Sh!t is funny

Capt CHAOS6390d ago

You are not required to buy a HD DVD, I don't give a damn about HD-DVD or BLURAY, DVD is fine for me...

drewdrakes6391d ago

Someones going to get sued, mainly Sony.

shortyNZ6391d ago

sony is really clutching at straws, in my opinion the facts are sony has a huge ugly outdated looking console, cr@p controlers with stoopid inbuilt batteries, only a couple of half way decend but over hyped launch games, a online service that will try to copy xbox live but probalby be rubbish, no real pulling power as far as 3rd party games go, tacked on motion controll that developers probably wont bother using, and who knows what problems will arise when the console actually comes out. i could buy a ps3 despite all the things that i have grown to hate about sony, but at the end of the day t isnt worth paying that for a console that doesnt have half the games i want, microsoft delivers games by buying the publishng rites to all the best games and secureing deals with top companies such as rare and epic, and considering i went through 3 ps1 consoles and im now on my 3rd ps2 because they allways cr@p out...fact is ps3 has to really prove itself before i would ever consider putting my trust in the sony brand again!

Sdr Norway6391d ago (Edited 6391d ago )

This just shows how desperate sony is, when they feel that they got to pull something stupid stunt like this, just a month before the release

icdedppl6391d ago (Edited 6391d ago )

wow, more filth from the mouths of the fanboys. this whole story is opinionated! to me, it looks like they are showing that if you were to compare, as close as you could, apples to apples, this is what you would have to pay. how are you seeing it any other way unless you are seeing it through you blind, fanboy eyes?