Xbox One and PlayStation 4: Prepare for the least exciting game generation

VB - The next generation of gaming is here, but not everyone is thrilled about it -- and not just because the Xbox One is a scary vision of our future.

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ltachiUchiha3029d ago

Get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! E3 will be awesome.

miyamoto3029d ago

actually this is the most exciting game gen for that the PS4 is being made by Mark Cerny, a genius software (game designer, programmer) and hardware creator who has a good understanding of Japan and the West gaming history and culture.

Sonic 2, Crash Bandicoot, i.e. were popular hits both in Japan and the West

As consultant for PlayStation machines he has a good grasp of what works and what does not for console gaming.

He is indeed a Renaissance Man get ready for a real revolution in gaming with the PS4!!!!

ltachiUchiha3029d ago

Yup the guy has so much experience in gaming & hardware its ridiculous how he can have so much knowledge & still be able to focus on creating awesome games. I think knack will be the next crash on steroids lol. The game just looks so awesome.

MysticStrummer3029d ago

I'm quite a bit more excited about PS4 than I was for PS3. Letting devs have a hand in the design was the best thing Sony could have done and it will pay off.

True_Samurai3029d ago

Totally! With Mark talking to the shenmue developer will I finally see a Shenmue 3? 0_0

Prcko3029d ago

E3 - my favorite time of the year!!!

mrmancs3029d ago

Ps4.... 4ck the world.

d0nT wOrrY3029d ago

This will be a hell out of a month! I will get to enjoy two weeks summer break, TLOU, GoW: Ascention, and E3! C'mon 10 June I'm sick of waiting

Donnieboi3029d ago

Only 2 weeks? That sucks man. Summer school?

CynicalKelly3029d ago

Brand new exciting generation is catching up on PC gaming.. Well.. PC gaming from 5 years ago...

Hopefully the PS5 will cost less and be better than my 5 year old computer..

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Bob Dole3029d ago

Bob Dole is a PC gamer at heart but without consoles there is no way PC would have as many games coming out for it as it does. There are very few PC exclusives out there and they're great, but there are so many console exclusives you're missing out on. The only reason Bob Dole still has his PS3 is for The Last of Us and GTA5. Not to mention other games like Valkyria Chronicles, MGS, and Gran Turismo that are unavailable unless *Gasp* you buy a console.

AAACE53029d ago


With a console, you can turn it on and start playing games.

With a PC, you can turn it on, wait for it to load and then start playing games. Which will be choppy from time to time.

Yes you will have better graphics, but I had to laugh when you said consoles cost more than PC!

The typical person doesn't have a gaming rig. In order to play some of the better games today, someone would have to upgrade.

Power source - about $40 for a 500 watt.
RAM - about $40 for a 2 Gb upgrade.
Graphics card (GPU) - about $150 for a decent one.
Processor (CPU) - about $200.
Sound card(optional) - maybe $60

So we are at about $490 before taxes. Some of this will be outdated within two years and you will have to do more upgrades to keep up with where you wanna be. But seeing how your PC is 5 years old, I don't think you care much anyway.

Consoles get better the longer they are around because developers are able to utilize more of the system as time goes by!

CynicalKelly3029d ago

My PC takes maybe fifteen seconds to start and the loading screens are a lot shorter than they are on console. Stop trying to use an old desktop computer to play games maybe?

My PC cost £500, 5 years ago and still has better specs than these next generation consoles.. The price is a cop out by people who know nothing about PC games.

I will upgrade my computer when PS5 comes around and it will be a lot cheaper than buying an entire new console for the slightest graphical improvement.

Consoles only have popularity. Which is a pity because of how bad they are.

MajorLazer3029d ago

..Said someone on a gaming website. See the irony?

ShaunCameron3029d ago

Who seem to be pretty lousy with money judging how much they brag about spending XXX dollars on upgrades.

Snookies123029d ago

Most games are made using PC's... -_-

Snookies123029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Dude, come on... I'm a PC gamer with a great rig. I prefer PC gaming over consoles. Yet, you'd have to be delusional not to understand that the architecture of the PS4 (Not sure exactly on what all is inside the X1 or how its used) can definitely match current day PC gaming. Everything is dedicated to gaming itself, it's vastly more efficient than a PC in that regard. Meaning that even with lower specs, you can pump out better results than you could with better hardware in a PC. It's all about the design, and how well things flow together.

CynicalKelly3029d ago

I actually prefer consoles myself believe it or not. Just being annoying because of my dissapointed in the next gen consoles.

But yes, the new architecture of PS4 and Xbox one (Both the same) will resemble the PC more and result in excellent games with better use of Ram and lighting and such.

Hopefully it means that most games are better ported or ported from PC and we see less differences or glitches from the process.

PersonMan3029d ago

There hasn't been any next-gen software relased on PC yet, so I don't see how you can say next gen is like PC 5 years ago.

It's not about how high the texture resolution is you know.

Playing curren-gen games on PC is like playing PS2 HD remakes on PS3. Just because it's higher resolution, doesn't mean it's next gen graphics.

Next gen is going to bring major advances in lighting, real-time lighting, smoke, particle effects, post-process effects, animations and physics.

So far I haven't seen a next gen game released on PC.

CynicalKelly3029d ago

I said the next gen consoles hardware is not as good as my old PC not the software..

Every game feels like next gen compared to console. The graphics, the controls, the mods and heck, the fact that all my multiplayer games can have more than 12 a side..

But alas, I actually prefer consoles believe it or not. I just felt like annoying some people because I know they hate PC gamers. I use my PC for RTS games, indie games and not much else.

PersonMan3028d ago

I don't hate PC gamers. I even play on PC sometimes. I just don't see anything "next gen" on the PC. That's all I'm saying.

Battlefield 3 looks outstanding on PC, but I still think next gen will bring way more than that.

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