What is the point of Xbox One DRM?

EuroGamer: "Record and publishing industry studies suggest piracy and used sales may be red herrings."

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zeal0us2018d ago

I can understand the always online requirement for mmo-like games and for games that uses Microsoft's cloud computing to enhances games but for everything else its really not needed.

GamersRulz2018d ago

they just want to suck every penny from xbox fans. they got away with charging for online play and they will get away with this, at least in the US.

SpinalRemains2018d ago


No less.

MS are very very good at moving the goalpost when no one is looking. The have the veil of a superior online experience which offers x game chat. I don't think x game chat is worth a yearly sub as I never use it, but perhaps some do.

They also have a superb base of players who love Halo and Forza and Gears. Hell I may as well throw cod in there too since its so popular, regardless of your console preference. They use that base to implement more fees over time. They dangle those goodies behind a paywall and they love it.