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GOS: "Naughty Dog should honestly consider changing their name to Naughty Gods. The Last of Us contains gameplay mechanics that blend together very nicely. Joel’s movements are silky smooth and stealth feels natural. The demo ends with you wanting more and directs you straight to the PSN store, like it was reading your mind or something. Without a doubt the demo was well worth the wait and made me look forward to when it launches on June 14th.

Let’s just hope I survive the experience."

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ltachiUchiha1968d ago

Just glad to hear so many positive things about the game. The full game should be epic.

CharlesDCI1968d ago

It really is a great game. Hope you get to play the demo before it releases..

ltachiUchiha1968d ago

I have god of war ascension, i just feel that id rather play the full game. I dont want to play it & then just make the short wait feel any longer so im not even going to bother, I already know the game will be epic. Cheers mate. =]

1968d ago
strigoi8141968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I bought the god of war ascension but the demo is no where to be it only me

ssean2271968d ago

You have to load up the game and its on the start screen for ascension. Then it will take you to the store where you can download the demo.

strigoi8141968d ago

Yup i was on the start screen yet i cant find "the last of us demo" all i see is option for settings

Ilovetheps41968d ago

So I have a question then. If the demo want actually on the disk, was the whole leak fake a couple weeks ago? I'm hoping it is because someone supposedly spoiled the game for me a couple weeks ago.

DA_SHREDDER1967d ago

if its your first time starting up GOW A then you have to download all the installations first, then start the game till there's a save point, then restart the game over and over till you get the message, I called sony and they just told me to get on the playstation blog, I went on and the instructions were vague , they just assume you already played Gow A so ya, just keep on turning on n off till you get it at the main menu

ssean2271968d ago

That's weird mine says press square for last of us demo.

strigoi8141968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I know i am supposed to see that square button present but i can only see the triangle and the select button

i wonder whats wrong with my copy

ssean2271968d ago

Does your god of war game have a last of us insert in the box?

OrangePowerz1968d ago

Did you try to delete the patch files and re download the online pass? That fixed it for me.

GezForce1968d ago

sure there's a code you need to redeem first, should of come with your game.

DigitalRaptor1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Trying downloading the latest game update files when you're prompted to. I didn't enter any online pass codes or anything. Just loaded the disc, updated the game, and the option was there on the menu.

From there you click Square and it prompts you to download partial data (about 130 MB) from the store. Then you install it and select the demo from XMB, like any other demo or game. It then installs additional data and then you can play it.

Try all those steps.

KwietStorm1967d ago

The option disappeared on mine for a while yesterday too. It actually happened for a lot of people. Apparently all the people trying to download, crashed the servers. But if yours is still doing it now, you might have a problem. Try deleting God of War data, re-updating and try again.

slapsta721967d ago

sorry for all caps:


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Objective1968d ago

Finally! A game I'll be playing on my PS3!

lnvisibleMan1968d ago

Don't wont to be objective but you missed out on a lot of great games.

Objective1968d ago

Don't think so. Last I played was also by Naughty Dog UC3, others just didn't appeal to me. I play multiplats on 360.

jc485731968d ago

not all multiplat games play better on the 360 btw.

Perjoss1968d ago

Is the demo only available to people that own the god of war game?

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