Dark Station: Frontlines: Fuel of War Review

Dark Station writes: "If you had to ask which genre seems to get people online, chances are the answer will be the First Person Shooter. There is something about the way a FPS works that really makes it very appealing for online gameplay and it has showed since the beginning of online gaming on consoles and PC. Today we are checking out a game that is both offline and online, but obviously favoring the online version which hopes to earn a spot in your 360 library. The game is Frontlines: Fuel of War, does this FPS from THQ and Kaos Studios have what it takes? Read our full review to find out!

There is no doubt that Frontlines: Fuel of War is coming into a very crowded and well developed FPS field. In fact much of what you see for the upcoming calendar and that of the recent releases are in the same genre. However Frontlines: Fuel of War takes a few different steps to hope to separate itself from the rest of the pack. Is it able to?"

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