PS3: Madden 07 Screens

See how the big guy plays out on the PS3.

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THAMMER15884d ago

I love these screens. I really do. I love how $200.00 extra dollars just pays off so much.

MADDEN 06 360 kills this....DO not front you know you see it.

Anerythristic265884d ago

I thought you had turned on your Super Fanboy powers. I looked at the screens and your right ! The PS3 looks the same ecept it has like this Anti Aliasing issue.

THAMMER15884d ago

All of the textures look bad. It really not a good looking game at all.

ImTheNumber125884d ago

ESPN football kills both ps3 and 360 madden. DO not front you know you see it.

THAMMER15884d ago

I agree with you 100%.

Sike!! but ESPN dose paly and look alot better on last gen consoles.

UrbanJabroni5884d ago

Every time I switch on Madden I wish it was ESPN...if there was a way to hack the rosters on the xbox version I would play nothing but the last ESPN until the exclusive license runs out.

ESPN was FUN...Madden is not. My only hope is for the Wii version, as I imagine the throwin motion will be quite a bit of fun.

USMChardcharger5884d ago

yes i agree with all of you. let's storm EA's office and take back the football rights for TK2.
why won't they just release the damn emulation code for ESPN...i will never have to buy another football game ever.

specialguest5884d ago (Edited 5884d ago )

i have to admit, those textures does look terrible. it just looks like it lacks depth. i hope those were just poor screenshots or just unfinished

then again, it's EA. EA = poor quality
im <------this------> close to boycotting EA games...*ahem* right after i play some of that new C&C first though.

eques judicii5884d ago

now time to compare to xbox 360:

to me it seems there are fewer jaggies, higher res textures... but maybe that's just me.

specialguest5884d ago (Edited 5884d ago )

you know what... to my surprise, it looks the same as the PS3. i guess was it meant to look like that after all.



this looks like a PS2 game.

go PS3! the next gen is OFFICALLY here. and it looks like the last gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.