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We here at Gamersciz decided to take on the demo for “The Last of Us” live for our first time playthrough. We have to say that the game, even on normal, has a learning curve but once you get better you realize just how impressive and fun this game can be. We didn’t explore as much as we may have liked but since it was my first playthrough we weren't sure how long the game demo was or what might jump out at us.


HD upload here

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GamerSciz3039d ago

FYI, I am uploading an HD Version to be available soon.

I don't have fast enough internet to stream smooth 720p to youtube :(

Thanks for checking out the vid though and feel free to give any criticisms you may have, good or bad!

GenericNameHere3039d ago

I have a MAJOR CRITICISM. I don't have GOW:A, so I can't play it. Other than that, NICE WALKTHROUGH!

GamerSciz3039d ago

Thank you! It was short but oh so sweet of a demo. Look for more information coming out of E3 about the multiplayer portion.

GribbleGrunger3039d ago

Stealth fella, stealth!

I can see so many people running into this game thinking it's COD and getting their ass handed to them on a plate. I'll approach this game like MGS ... and STILL get my ass handed to me on a plate.

GamerSciz3039d ago

Haha fair enough. I have played and beaten all the MGS games so I feel you on that one. I was curious to see what the AI was like and just how much of a "survival" game this is. It's a true survival game and man when there are more then one infected person or even just one clicker, good luck. So intense and so much fun. Thanks for watching!

Alos883039d ago

Advice for new players:
-Strangle the normal enemies, don't waste the shivs on them, they are the one thing between you and instant death when fighting a Clicker.
They also function as keys.
-You can carry bottles or bricks, but not both. Bricks seem to be better as melee weapons, but bottles provide a noisier distraction (I think?)
-When fighting a group, don't shoot until you're down to 2 or three enemies. You can't take em' all in close combat, especially not if they have a Clicker.
-Play on Hard, it's more fun.

level 3603039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Impressive demo. Audio once set up properly I think is also beautifully balanced.

Am just a casual gamer so for me I thought shifting/blundering and getting used to the weapons menu sure gave me a feeling of intense fear, especially with all enemies coming so quickly from all sides. Love it!