PS4 Availability At Launch Will Be Key

The new console could indeed have the greatest launch lineup of software in history but without any systems to sell... Sony should give us a LOT, though.

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Relientk771965d ago

I hope they are able to keep up with the demand

SpinalRemains1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Looking like its going to be impossible. If you miss the initial launch wave, you're probably going to have to wait a little while. The length of that wait is what will decide many things.

Sony needs to do what the Soviets did during the war. Dedicate an entire city to manufacturing the new console. Call it Playstation-shima, or PSaka. Keep those bad boys rolling along like marbles downhill.

xhi41965d ago

Good problem to have. Isn't that what happened with the PS2 & PS1?

fathoms1965d ago

Yes, that's the problem all PlayStations have had. And the point is that it's NOT a good problem.

MRMagoo1231965d ago

Oh right its def not a good problem having so many ppl wanting your hardware you cant keep up with demand lmfao are you serious. I have had mine on preorder for a couple months now i am 100% guaranteed one at launch so i dont mind either way lol.

fathoms1964d ago

If there are merely thousands of units to sell, it wouldn't matter if every human alive wanted one. Sales will still suck because there aren't enough systems.

It's not about demand being too high. It NEVER has been about that for PlayStation launches. It has been about supply being FAR too low.