The Last of Us Demo Impressions (Vivid Gamer)

Eric of writes:

"I got a chance to play the early access demo of The Last of Us and I sat down with Rebecca to discuss it. Check out the video above with our commentary and you can hit this link here to see the video without commentary. If you got a chance to play it, let us know what you thought about it in the comments below."

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elhebbo163162d ago

it would've bin cool ps+ members got a little taste of the demo, but only two more weeks so im good.

Gridloc3162d ago

This game is the real deal. From the lighting to the incredible sound. It's totally immersive and surprising.
If next gen consoles weren't releasing this year, this game would ( and possibly still might ) be a system seller.

Insomnia_843162d ago

The demo left me wanting more!! Can't wait!

N4Flamers3162d ago

I thought the demo was too short. Ive been waiting for it since the release of god of war ascension so I was underwhelmed by the length. I also thought it looked ok and nothing really blew me away visually. It did showcase the gameplay rather well which I did enjoy. The combat was well implemented giving you this realistic weight and feel. I enjoyed it but I dont see what about it I had to wait so long for.

Gambit_the_White3162d ago

I don't think we should take the graphics too seriously, the demo that we got was most likely an early build, and I bet they've improved on it a lot since then. I mean, people that have seen it in action recently have been praising it as one of the most visually impressive video games in history. In my opinion, Uncharted 3 looks better than the demo. But as I said, it was most likely an early build. I hope so, at least. Not that it will change anything, this game is still a day one purchase for me.

N4Flamers3162d ago

Thanks for the comment. I figured I was going to get a lot of disagrees but thats my opinion. Im hoping the complete game looks better but I dont buy video games for the graphics anyways. I think they nailed the controls on this game so hard. The first time I climbed over anything the transition from walking to climbing was so smooth that I had to go back and make sure I did it and that it wasnt automatic.

Gambit_the_White3162d ago

Definitely. The controls were really fluid and I just loved the animations. They really got the gameplay down with this one. Now we just have to wait and see what the final graphics will look like :)


For the person who submitted this video, you need to adjust the settings on your tv....the demo was not nearly as dark for me.I could even see the colors the main character was wearing.

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