Xbox One vs PS4 - The Results - IGN versus

IGN- We asked and over 310,000 of you voted. Who received our People's Choice Award? Watch to find out.

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Sitdown1964d ago

Geeeeeeeeez, why does it feel like E3 is so far away?..... I am ready for the fireworks; just let me preorder already.

CalibriSerif1964d ago

there is only one thing i gotta say!
spybox die!

coming from a very pissed 360 fan.

Hydrolex1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I knew sony had already won after I got done watching microsofts conference ... some are still waiting for e3. The first conference is the most important one to hype ppl, and micorosft had nothing on the table. Now imagine what sony is going to do at e3

MEGANE1963d ago

Lmao....spybox die!!... omg u made my day!

BattleAxe1963d ago

Xbox Gone....Microsoft is getting demolished huge!

FATAL1TY1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

flawless victory. Fatality

JokesOnYou1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Well I never heard of IGN...must be some random fanboy blogg just making sh** up.

TheSurg1963d ago

another paranoid american? You shouldn't be scared, facebook already knows everything about you.

sengoku1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

WOW what a result.
i knew the ps4 would be taking the Crown
but in all categories and which such huge margins is just crazy.


more then 300k votes is nothing to sneeze at



It's like they say: you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Back on topic...

I'll still keep lookinng forward to E3, not only cause I hope MS fix the issues, but also to hear more on where Sony is taking PS4, so personally I'm not deciding 'till I've see it all (features, power, policies and PRICE).

But, right now, I can easily understand why most of us here are disregarding Xbox One entirely, and I don't blame gamers... Xbox go home, you're drunk.

gaffyh1963d ago

What's weird is that almost all of the votes, apart from the controller, are 4:1, to PS4: Xbox One

AngryTypingGuy1963d ago

JokesOnYou..."Well I never heard of IGN...must be some random fanboy blogg just making sh** up." As I type this he has 1 Agree and 22 Disagrees, which begs the you people not know what sarcasm is?

S2Killinit1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

believe it or not he is not being sarcastic (: I know his comments, he is a xbox fan boy. He is actually claiming that he doesn't know IGN (traditionally pro xbox website mind you)

AngelicIceDiamond1963d ago

Oh really now, PlayStation wins every category *surprise.

Now that we're done playin games let the road to E3 begin.

ShwankyShpanky1963d ago


"another paranoid American blah blah Facebook"

Is this some new stereotype other countries have about the US now? That we all use Facebook?

Let me be the one to break it to you, not everyone in the US uses Facebook.

Ausbo1963d ago

Why are you guys so afraid of kinect spying??? Theyve already said uou can turn it off or turn it away from you. As for the drm with the games, that a legitimate concern. Didnt know so many n4g gamers were conspiracy theorists.

mistertwoturbo1963d ago

Flawless victory. Though it doesn't reflect the entire country. Safe to say more gamers are interested in the PS4.

BullyMangler1963d ago

The fanboys have voted.

Ha haa this reminds me of "Game oF the Year" award.

andibandit1963d ago

How is that weird??? The controller is like the only thing ms did right

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Arai1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

While not conclusive this video does give an indication how this generation will play out.

Even though they are just votes, 310k+ is still a lot.
Seeing the route both companies took and all things considered, Sony might have just won the generation before it even started.

So far it's been a smooth sailing with praises left/right for the console/Sony, but E3 is 9 days away and it should be one for the history books.

ssen1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

SONY hit this one out of the ball park.

this is why exactly why M$ is going to be (so called) all about games from now on.
they know sony was right to bet on gamers and gamers are now betting on sony.


Ju1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Agreed. Even though it's "just" an online poll, the numbers are huge. I am not saying MS won't be successful, but in the gaming market, they have lost the first round.

Maybe they are right with where they are heading, but early adopters for an "expensive" piece of HW (console) are the core gamers, not the typical TV watching crowd. I just can't see that happening. MS might be in for an eye opener comes the Holiday season.

I just can't see how you can target a wide audience with an expensive set-top box. That's just a totally different market. And sure not the one where people will shell out 4 or $500 to get another cable box - no matter if it plays games or not.

And for everybody else who want's games first it's really hard to ignore the PS4 and go with that One instead.

I am going the "pessimistic" route but still predict Sony wins the launch easily 2:1 (which would be huge!) - and I'd laugh it is in fact 4:1. LOL

Gildarts1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

You can see that most of the people who voted are Sony fanboys, When Sony wins in the controller area xD.

Everybody knows that Xbox One controller is the best. Even PS4 fans(not fanboy, there is a difference)admit it.

I agree with most of the categories they won. But they can't possibly win the controller category without influence from fanboys.

FlameBaitGod1964d ago

Don't be mad bro, not ur fault the controller sucks.

Blackdeath_6631964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

well i guess the better controller is subjective personally i hate where the left analog stick is though i do agree its very comfortable. i think the reason ps4 controller gets the vote is because they added something new, they are trying to innovate with the clickable touch pad. i also think the enhanced rumble in the XBone controller's trigger is a good idea but people will only know that once they get to use it whereas the touch pad is an obvious change from the dualshock3 an can be clearly see on every picture of the new controller. anyhow i will have both xbox one controller for my pc and dualshock 4 for the ps4

OrangePowerz1964d ago

The Xbox controller is better in some areas, but I prefer the symmetrical setup of the dualshock controllers.

Besides we have only seen pictures of the controllers and didn't use them yet, so who knows.

Enemy1963d ago

What's there to admit, other than the obvious, which was stated in this video, that already we're seeing the masses prefer DualShock 4 over the Xbox One controller?

Everything about the PS4 has shaped up to be vastly superior to whatever the competition is offering. According to you, everyone on N4G is a Sony fanboy. Now you're saying the same about IGN. GameSpot had similar results where everyone was more interested in the PS4. Is everyone a Sony fanboy now because no one gives a flying rat's ass about Xbox One?

MEGANE1963d ago

I don't get this analog stick deal!!! i use my two thumbs for shooters and they are at the same height. why does it needs to be up.... I don't get it!

Gildarts1963d ago

Of course there are SOME people who prefer dualshock. But the majority always preferred Xbox controller. And this ONE is the most perfect yet.

And yes I do know that a lot of people are hating on the Xbox One. I know, I expected the PS4 to win in every category due to that fact. Except in the controller category. it was still close but it Only won because of Sony Fanboys.

What I am trying to say is that the majority of the votes in the controller category were made by PS4 fanboys.
There is really no arguing which is the best controller overall.
The touchpad doesn't add anything useful to the gaming experience.

If it weren't for fanboys the PS4 would still win. Except in the Controller category.

Statix1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Personally, as a "PS3 fanboy" I do agree that Microsoft should've at least won the controller category. Xbox controllers traditionally have great ergonomics, and the one advantage I always felt the Playstation controllers had--convex analog thumbsticks--was changed in favor of concave sticks for the PS4. I personally am not happy at all about Sony switching to concave thumbsticks, because I always felt the rounded-top PS3 thumbsticks offered superior control and precision over the 360's concave thumbsticks.

Hopefully, it won't be terribly difficult to modify the PS4 controller to have PS3-style thumbsticks.

420Tokes1963d ago

A next gen controller that STILL requires batteries CMON REALLY BATTERIES ?!?!?!?

ABizzel11963d ago


Everyone had a chance to vote, so blame your fellow Xbox fans. I voted for the PS4 in all categories besides controller, although as with the votes I agree it could be a lot closer this time than normal.

You have to realize PlayStation gamers have been using that style of layout for 10 - nearly 20 years so it's normal for them. If you grew up on Xbox then yeah the controller feels better to you.

MRMagoo1231963d ago

I am a sony fan but i cant believe anyone would think that the MS controller is the best, the thing is my thumbs are in the same spot on both my hands just mirrored so therefore i like to have my thumbs positioned in the same spot on my controller. The xbox controller has always sucked to me i just dont like it at all only someone with a spastic hand would need a thumb stick in the wrong place like that.

OT sony is expected to win anyway considering the xbone is going to suck and only xbots or ppl that have no clue about it think otherwise.

HammadTheBeast1963d ago

Are you crazy? The IGN space is filled to the brim with crazy Xbox fans as the majority. Sure there are a few PS nuts, but the majority is on Xbox and the results are telling.

Arai1963d ago

As you said yourself...preference.
That's all there is to it, you're making a big deal out of nothing.

Different people like different things, it's simple as that.
Both controllers are a step-up from the previous iteration, every gamer wins in the end.

But I have to say neither will be as cute as this:

MysticStrummer1963d ago

Never liked the XBox controller.

Jaqen_Hghar1963d ago

analog sticks wins it for Sony. A man's thumbs are in the same spot on each hand. A man is human. A human wants their sticks in the same spot for both hands unless THEY are being a fanboy. It's not secret this is true I mean look at PS4 AND WiiU. They both get it and MS is the oddball.

rainslacker1963d ago

Controller preference is subjective, and likely due to what one is used to. So it looks like the voting was only slightly in favor of PS4.

Other than that, I don't know how you can compare the two controllers before you ever touch one. I guess you can say which one looks prettier...but all that matters is how well it works to play your games.

GamersHeaven1963d ago

Dual shock is one of the greatest controllers in gaming the Xbox controller is great as well stop being a fanboy.

ShinMaster1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Those guys must be the most delusional Xbox fanboys in complete denial, if you think that those who voted for the PS4 controller were PS fanboys.

Which system has the best controller is debatable as no one has tried either one.
So how can YOU be so sure that the Xbox One controller is so much better, eh fanboy? The DualShock controller is one of the best of all time. Only Xbox fanboys decided otherwise.

NeoTribe1963d ago

How would everyone know the xbox controller is the best when nobody has ever held it yet? Ps4 remote has added features unlike xbox refurbished bullshit.

TheBrownBandito1963d ago

The Xbox controller was a compromise from the days when D pad was king for the platform era.

The left stick position is ludicrous from a "natural grip" perspective, but if you're used to it then run with it. But it's certainly not fact, just your preference.

HurtfulTimez1963d ago

dont get me wrong i was just about to click the xb1 pad until it said its battery powered... i have probably spent over £100 on batteries for my 360 pad and yes i spent money on play charge kits - 2 of them which broke within a year so...

DS4 - Winner

tommygunzII1963d ago

I'm not a big fan of Xbox controllers, never have been. In my opinion it feels like you are trying to play a game with a thickburger. It also looks like it belongs in a child's toy bin.

I have always liked the sharp edges of PlayStation controllers.

Kohven1963d ago

The PS controller is crap. This BS about thumbs being in the same position is exactly why the xbox's controller is the better out of the two. My thumbs should not touch each other when playing a damn game! If I could have a ps4 with the xbox controller...then it would be the perfect console.

Ju1963d ago

Saying the 360 controller is the best ever made is a joke. Even if the positioning of the sticks would be in its favor - which it is not for my taste - it is just worse in every other respect.

The dead zones of the sticks is just bad - far less precise than DS3 (even MS acknowledges this and have supposedly fixed this the new controller)

The DPad is ridiculous. How often do you hit the wrong menu because it goes diagonal than straight. It is simply broken. Again, MS tries to fix it with the new controller.

Buttons feel cheap. Not sure if this has been addressed.

The DS3 already is better here in every respect. I had the opportunity to hold the DS4 (prototype) in my hands, and believe it or not, it just feels better than the DS3 in every way.

And this does not even mention the touch pad. Without that it's already better over the DS3.

Now, sure, I actually think MS made big improvements (unless the new controller feels as cheap as the old one) but what it boils down to is the new features.

And there is the light bar and touch on one and the new rumble on the buttons on the other. Both nice features. I like the rumble, but other than that, it won't change much how you play the game. Touch and light bar does, though. I'm quite Ok with the slight edge the PS4 is getting there.

user55757081963d ago

no one is gonna sit on your ugly Xbox bONEr. the controller lost and so did everything else #dealwithit

Panthers1963d ago

Who agrees the Xbox controller is the best? The two analog sticks are not symmetrical. I cant stand one being higher than the other.

Playstations controller is legendary in gaming. Its no surprise that it took the category.

Blakhaze9991962d ago

Obviously its a matter of opinion when it comes to the controllers. Whether your a xbox or ps fan you will find a reason to love your controller. Some people like both controllers for their unique qualities. I know one of the main reasons (not the only reason) I sold my 360 was because I hated that damn controller. But others say they love it. I found it to be too bulky and I hated the uneven analog sticks but loved the triggers. I wish PS controllers had more of a trigger like feel to them.

But for you to say that most of the people who voted are Sony Fanyboys is just plain nonsense. WELL...maybe they are Sony fanboys NOW after the disappointing xbox one reveal.
Sidenote- Im hoping that xbox has a great E3 because I want sony to stay on their A game. The better the competition the better you have to be to compete. The better the Ps4 the happier I will be.

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Psn8001963d ago

That is what happens when you on't listen to your fans .

llMurcielagoll1963d ago e-mailed me that they now take PS4 and Xbone Pre-orders. Of course the price is not official, I mean its definitely not gonna be 600 quid each.

I, for one, not going to pre-order just yet as well. it is all dependent on this coming E3

nosferatuzodd1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

sony won by a Land slide haaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i love it
but to tell u the truth the xbox controller isnt bad that dual shock puls trigger thing sounnd cool maybe sony should implement that in the DS4

Bathyj1963d ago

This is why some prefer one controller over the other

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FullmetalAlchemist1964d ago

I don't think the results for best name surprised anyone.

GamersRulz1963d ago

I don't think the result of EVERYTHING surprised anyone.

T21963d ago

Ya even controller wise 360 is too bulky, batteries are super lame its not a surprise to me plus touch pad could be interesting this gen

mike32UK1963d ago

True! However I am surprised at the controller category. Aesthetically the Xbox1 looks more premium to me, usability on the other hand... I've never liked the feel of Xbox controllers so yeah i voted for ps4 in every category but the controller, basing it purely on aesthetics

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1963d ago

And then out of those votes... how many of the kids actually have the money to buy the console they want.

Buying the thing is a bit harder than wanting.

KillrateOmega1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

That's your best comeback, huh?


Weak, bro. Weak.

MariaHelFutura1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

You guys have excuses for everything.


MysticStrummer1963d ago

Kinect, bring me a tissue...


T21963d ago

I think the real question is which kids have money to buy BOTH and thats Microsofts real problem here being firmly second place

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CalibriSerif1964d ago

currently, im an xbox first type of gamer, ps3 second. but after so many debacles, missteps and microsoft shooting themselves in the foot in so many occassions i cannot count; first and foremost kinect, and then no exclusives and then more kinect stupidities, i am going PS4 this gen and will finally trade my 6th 360 due to RROD. i am so pissed off!

spy all you want microsh!t you will not enter my house!

Game4life1964d ago

6 xboxes? damn man. You were one dedicated xbox fan to have that many

HammadTheBeast1963d ago

Actually he's one of the reasons MS gets to boost their sales. Just one, of a few million.

Saints941964d ago

Damn, mine actually lasted the 6 years :D. Hopefully my PS4 can do the same.

pimp79971964d ago

why on earth would u buy 6 360?

Faztkiller1963d ago

Im on my 8th but ive only bought 2 the others died within 90 days of buying them so I took them back to Walmart. actually got $50 extra back once cause of a price drop lol