Game-Boyz: MLB 08: The Show PSP Review

Game-Boyz writes: "The Cactus League, Grapefruit League, Spring Training and the smell of hot dogs are in the air. Yes, the Major League Baseball season is back in full swing and along with it comes Sony's MLB 08: The Show. This series has become an annual instalment and with each release on the PSP the game gets better. Last year, MLB 07: The Show made some leaps over MLB 06. I considered it to be the best baseball game on the PSP at the time. Needless to say this year I was hoping the franchise would make some additional leaps and ultimately address some of last year's deficiencies. Unfortunately I am left a little disappointed with the 08' edition as I was expecting so much more. That being said, although some of the same nuisances from 07' continue to plague the PSP version of the MLB 08: The Show is a solid baseball game for gaming on the go."

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