Looking Back On Backward Compatibility: Remembering Games Played On Systems They Weren't Made For

While backward compatibility is easy to dismiss towards the end of a system's lifespan, it can be an essential piece of the puzzle when a system is young. Looking back, we owe some of my fondest gaming experiences to backward compatibility.

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Cam9771970d ago

Resident Evil 2 on the Ps Vita works like a charm.

MaleManSam1970d ago

Am I the only one that thought combat on Twilight Princess Wii was better than Skyward sword?

baraka0071970d ago

totally agree on the link's awaking. It's one of my favorite games.

tweet751969d ago

ive always looked at backwards compatiblity more as an insurance. you know that you will be able to play all the games you invested in on the system on a future system even if your current system breaks down.