Microsoft's Vista Ultimate Extras Overhyped, Users Underwhelmed

A Microsoft plan to reward some of its most enthusiastic Windows users has instead frustrated them by falling short of its promise. The company acknowledges the problem, says it ran into unexpected complications and vows to make things right.

In the meantime, it's a sore point for the types of tech-savvy PC users who can influence the opinions of others -- at a time when Microsoft is trying to overcome a rocky first year for its newest Windows version.

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Kulupoo3863d ago

the only thing i use on my free vista ultimate ... is the dreamscene... Oooo moving background ~

BrianC62343863d ago

If Microsoft wants to make it up to me just give me my $265 or whatever I spent on Vista Ultimate. They can have it back. I went back to XP on that computer anyway. What a waste of money. If you buy a computer with Vista on it you might be okay. Stay away from upgrading though. It's not worth it.

vitz33863d ago


I have Home Premium installed on my other hard drive and the only reason I boot that OS over XP is to play Halo 2 Vista. That game in itself is also something I regret buying.

Vista is teh suk. "Run as Administrator" my ass.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33863d ago

Sounds like the xFlop360 to! ;-D