Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness (Review) | PixelPerfectGaming

If you’re a fan of the Might & Magic or Might & Magic Heroes VI series, you will feel right at home with the Shades of Darkness expansion. What makes this release so unique is that it’s a standalone expansion. Gamers don’t have to purchase previous additions of the game to play it. While SoD is designed like previous expansions, it introduces a brand-new hero with his own story.

Shades of Darkness’ gameplay focuses on building armies and conquering locations as you move across the world map. The player must also gather resources such as wood, ore, blood crystal and gold (which is currency). Capturing structures such as armor smiths and weapon smiths will add to your overall resources (i.e wood, ore, etc.). The combat system is also turn-based like previous installments. Like a game of chess, the player can strategize their next move. Basically, you can take as much time as needed during the combat sequences.

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