Fire Everything Ep. 70: The Last of this Generation

Join the Fire Everything crew as we discuss atari selling away all of its assets, not that any of them are good, how absolutely amazing the new borderlands 2 dlc looks and how much more powerful the PS4 is then the Xbox ONE haha. Like the show? give us a like on facebook or send us an email!

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murdock551969d ago


Now every console gamer always hears some PC dough yelling PC THE MASTERRACE! On every xbone/ps4 forum/vid. What makes PC gamers so cocky? Well better graphics of course. DUHHHH. PC can contently upgrade their hardware at anytime when ever there’s a new graphic card that releases. But what PC gamers don’t know is that graphics is not everything. To tell you the truth graphics and moding is the only thing that PC have over consoles. But what people don’t know is that consoles are created for other purposes other then media. Yeah!

I know I know I sound like a ps4 lover. Well yeah I am. I have been kicking it with PS since Ps1 baby. But im not just talking about playstation AKA Lover, im talking about all home consoles every console out there and handheld gaming devices. Without these devices there will be no Gamestop! (p.s I don’t work at gamestop, never had.) If everyone switched to PC gaming gamestop will be useless no purpose what so ever so Game stop will go out of business and that will leave people jobless. That’s one huge purpose for home gaming right there but not the last.

Home gaming makes more revenue then PC gamers! True there’s more console gamers out there then PC gamers. (its hard to get my fine GF on a PC game then my PS3, hints” I love my couch, I don’t want to move from my love boat!,” “I cant stand this F*cking keyboard WTF!,” “WTF YOU TELLING ME I CANT SELL MY F*CKING GAME ON THIS SH*T,” I DON’T KNOW SH*T ABOUT HOW TO INSTALL F*CKING GRAPHIC CARD, CALL NERD SQAUD!”). (these are the actual words from my GF. and yeah she has a dirty mouth J) But console gaming alone makes more revenue then the music industries and movie industries and PC gamers need to know that. The developers know this and Sony/Nintendo (Im leaving Microsoft out of this :P).
console gaming is for easy access gaming. turn on and play. while PC gamers waiting for windows to load………. im not hating on my PC gamers im hating on this whole PC masterrace thing. sounds like a KKK rally. but console gaming is and always will be more fun to play. Ps move Wii connect and that Booty a** Kinect . face it home consoles are the only device in you house that you can play with when your friends come over. (like come on PC is only for 1 player. with you’re lonely a**)

now after I stated my opinion I just made PC gamers sounds like some jealous haters. (drink your hater aid)

PC gamers are just haters! they hate that most fine girls play ps4/ Nintendo and that dog in heat Xbone who’s to hot to know the difference between a VHS tape and a CD.

P.s im just a regular guy texting my opinion on my regular phone defending my console gamers.