Evidence mounting: Windows 7 going modular, subscription

When Windows 7 launches sometime after the start of 2010, the desktop OS will be Microsoft's most "modular" yet. Having never really been comfortable with the idea of a single, monolithic desktop OS offering, Microsoft has offered multiple desktop OSes in the marketplace ever since the days of Windows NT 3.1, with completely different code bases until they were unified in Windows 2000. Unification isn't necessarily a good thing, however; Windows Vista is a sprawling, complex OS.

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DJ3863d ago

Competitors like Apple are striving for simplicity. MS seriously needs to wake up.

jaja14343863d ago

Your confusing simple interfaces with simple programming. Don't do that.

Yi-Long3863d ago

... but I aint paying no subscription fees, that's for damn sure.

It's time for developers to start developing for people with Linux and other open-source OS's, cause I feel after the whole Vista disaster, the current run on Macs, and the rise of Ubuntu etc, many people are already running away from Windows, and hopefully more will do so when the next OS comes around and manages to be too much bloatware and too expensive once again...

Like I said, I'm not paying for any subscriptions when it comes to running software on my PC, and I never ever will. And I'm betting many people feel the same way.

gta_cb3863d ago

if you do have to have a subscription like XboxLIVE then i will no doubt stay with a previous version of Windows

DJ3863d ago

If they do this, then they risk losing probably a good 90% of potential upgrades. While they call it "subscription", it really amounts to Renting your PC (with a hefty down payment, of course). If they do this, Windows XP will truly be the last Windows OS that ever gains major ground. I love using XP, so it's not a big loss.

With all the drama that Microsoft is causing though, the Mac lineup is starting to look more and more enticing.

ruibing3863d ago

It's amazing they found a way to do worse than Vista.

zonetrooper53862d ago

Hopefully MS won't do this as it will be stupid decision tbh. As for Mac's, I'm not gonna buy one, way too expensive for what their worth and Apple ain't all that. Itunes is bloated mess and its b!tches about not letting you transfer songs to your Ipod from a different computer. Second, Apple love DRM so no go for me.

Is Vista really that bad?

No, most of the people b!tching about it was the people expecting their computer with 256mb ram and a Geforce 6200 to run it well. Upgrade or buy a new computer to run Vista if you want it to run well. SP1 for Vista improves it alot but there are still problems to be fixed and sorted out which SP2 will probably do.