Vita Mandate Is Good For Wii U

Tim Biggs - Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida recently confirmed that remote-play via PS Vita will be mandatory for PlayStation 4 games. While this has prompted many predictable and boring discussions about who ripped off who and which company is responsible for what, Nintendo fans in particular should be thinking about what this means for the nature of third party cross-platform development in the coming years.

Like Wii before it, one of the roadblocks to developers including Wii U in their multi-platform releases is the unique controller. The remote and nunchuck were the only controllers packed in with Wii, and the gamepad is the only controller packed in with Wii U, so naturally Nintendo needs developers to make their games take advantage of those devices.

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jcnba281964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I don't agree with this article. The Vita doesn't come with the PS4, the Wii U gamepad comes with the Wii U. Developers will tailor Wii U games to the Wii U gamepad because everybody has one, they wont tailor them to Vita because not everybody has one. Until the Vita comes free with every PS4, Wii U has the monopoly on second screen gameplay.

Remote play just mirrors what's on the tv to your Vita, that's all. Vita is also missing two trigger buttons so the PS4 controls will have to be altered for Vita.

DarkHeroZX1964d ago

Actually remote play is more than just streaming games. Have you played UMvC3 or LBP2 dlc? The vita could function as a second screen and as far as the missing buttons l2, r2, l3, r3 can just be mapped to the back touch pad. The touch pad can allow up to 4 buttons on the back and it works very well.

ShinMaster1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

The GamePad may be included with every Wii U, but it's useless without the Wii U, whereas the PS Vita is an entire gaming system with its own own with gaming and multimedia functions.

Sony is aiming for almost every PS4 game to have Remote Play. And not every Wii U game supports Off-TV play.
So it's gonna be funny if more PS4 games support Remote Play than Wii U games supporting Off-TV play LOL
But even still, you can use Remote Play from across the country as long as you have Wi-Fi, while the GamePad only works with the Wii U in the same room/area.

Agreed, I used Cross-Control with LBP2 and UMvC3 as well. that's only scratching the surface.

I think if you have a PS Vita and a PS4, you'll have a better experience.

truechainz1964d ago

While I love my vita and am excited to see what they do with PS4 games, I think you are putting too much emphasis on off-tv play. Don't get me wrong I love that function, but in Nintendo's eyes the main purpose of having a second screen is to incorporate new ways to play games. We got just a taste of what possibilities in games like Zombie U (which had problems in other areas) and I know they will expand on those ideas. Nothing I have seen with the cross control on PS3 comes close to that so it is much to early to say the Vita and PS4 combo will be the better experience, but there is a lot of time for both Nintendo and Sony to innovate this and I think all gamers will win in the end.

Klad1964d ago

Nintendo could do the exact same thing with the 3DS if they wanted to. just a simple update, then Nintendo fans would have two options, the Wii U pad or the 3DS

-Mika-1964d ago

"After this move from Sony, every single PS4 developer will have to consider the logistics of streaming their game to a smaller, touch-enabled screen, as well as the possibility of running optional supporting gameplay features on the smaller device. Figuring that out means one less step between their game and Wii U compatibility, which means more third party games for Nintendo’s console."

After I read that paragraph. I immediately closed the tab. If you honestly think the reason why the WiiU isn't getting third party support is because of the controller. Then you're clearly are a blind fanboy.

gpturbo811964d ago Show
Kos-Mos1963d ago


Oh lord, I`m have no more laughter.

boybato1964d ago

would there be even a LOT of multi platform releases? (Wiiu,ps4 & xbone)

Soldierone1964d ago

I don't think it helps. All they have to do is stream the game over to the Vita, not that complicated. Replace trigger buttons with the rear touch pad, and thats about the only complication there. That and a lack of vibration.

Other than that, they are not making a new experience. They CAN, but don't have to. So overall, its still a powerful game made for a powerful machine, and THATS the problem. WiiU lacks performance.....

Hicken1964d ago

Maybe, but if the potential is there, then perhaps the Wii U will benefit, as maybe developers will see some reason to make features for both.

It's a lot of maybes, but I think the Wii U needs a few of those right now.

buynit1964d ago

That is just great news! I have my vita, just need that ps4 now, sony..

I got the ps vita thinking i would be able to play my ps3 games on it but we all know how that turned out.. Glad i didnt give it to my brother cause i wasnt playing the damn thing, thought it was going to end up like my psp..

r211964d ago

Its stuff like this that Im glad i bought a vita already. Us vita owner get a bonus when we buy a ps4 :D

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