Five Ways The Last of Us Differs From Uncharted

Gary Swaby of writes: Last week the nice folk at Sony invited me and my colleagues out to meet the Naughty Dog team behind their upcoming survival game The Last of Us. The team consisted of Neil Druckmann, Bruce Straley, Ashley Johnson (The voice of Ellie), Dr David Hughes and Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. We were treated to an informative presentation from the team, and by the end of it I felt as though I understood the direction of the game significantly more than I did walking into it. After the presentation we got some hands on time with the game and I was certainly impressed with how the game played. It did however, take me a few tries to adjust to the tactical based gameplay, and I believe this is due to the sub-conscious notion that this game is like Uncharted.

One is a survival game, the other is an action game. An obvious distinction right? Well even though you may tell yourself that you are indeed aware The Last of Us and Uncharted are two different games, I fear many will hold certain expectations on The Last of Us game based on the success of Uncharted. It's one thing to openly say you can tell the difference, but once you pick up that controller and step into the shoes of Joel, how will your sub-conscious self react?

Here are five reasons you shouldn't expect Uncharted when you pick up The Last of US.

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MrKennedy2018d ago

This is a good article about Last of Us and Uncharted.

ElectroJade2018d ago

Oh boy! This article seems really controversial! I hope nobody gets their tails in a twist!

Oh_Yeah2018d ago

It's a whole different concept all need to draw comparisons.

Outside_ofthe_Box2018d ago

And yet people still drew comparisons. Even after the E3 demo people still said it looked and played like Uncharted... I was in disbelief.

Dunpeal2018d ago

hey gais!!! same developer = same game!!!!!!!!!!!

Enemy2018d ago

Amazing graphics! Must be Uncharted!

Insane animation! Must be Uncharted!

He climbed a ladder! Must be Uncharted!

Infection! Must be zombies!

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The story is too old to be commented.