The Xbox One is coming – sell your used video games now

Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal on May 21 left the gaming community with more questions than answers. Will it play used games? What about backwards compatibility? Does it have to be connected to the Internet all the time? Will Microsoft abandon the Xbox 360 the way it did the original Xbox? What’s up with cloud storage?

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decrypt2018d ago

Sell used games for pennies to buy new incomplete games for 60usd or even more + dlcs. Only to rebuy the games you sold as HD remakes lol. Seems like a complete rip off to me.

Cam9772018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Exactly. Beginning last year I stopped trading in games unless for a superior edition of that game (ie: GOTY edition) because it just isn't worth it. Games cost lots new and the trade in value is about 1/4 of what we payed for it.

Not only does this build my collection, but it means I won't be wanting game's I've sold - I learned that the hard way.

Oh well, it won't happen again! Call me strange, but I enjoy looking over my collection every now and then. That means looking at the boxart and the manuals of OLDER games; newer game manuals rarely surprise me as they used to. I used to enjoy reading game manuals on the PS2 and earlier because they were interesting. Take a look at the Silent Hill 1 manual, or even the original MGS manual, they're a toilet-worthy read!

Huge library of games = less desire to pick up new games = money possibly saved in the long run = win.

DARK WITNESS2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

i have a better I idea..

I will keep my used games... keep my old xbox 360 to play them on and NOT BUY an XBONE !!

Job done !!

r1sh122018d ago

lol..sell your used games now??
Why..Its not like they will work on the Xone anyway.
Stupid idea

MariaHelFutura2019d ago

Better idea- Just keep your 360.

elhebbo162018d ago

even better- Save up for a PS4.

CynicalKelly2018d ago

Even better. Buy a PS3. That way you will get the exact same thing excluding a share feature..

It's a shame people are so blinded by brand name that they will throw all their money at companies to get what they bought years ago.

elhebbo162018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@cynical only games I'm waiting for the PS3 is TLOU and GTA 5, why would I want to play any other 3rd party game later this year at a lower resolution and framerate when I could get the better one? I already saved up my money so there's no problem.

d0nT wOrrY2018d ago Show
PraxxtorCruel2018d ago

Even better, don't game at all.

FrigidDARKNESS2019d ago

Article is totally lame and flamebait. Article doesnt make any sense at all.

Jakens2018d ago

Haven't sold my older games yet.

Roccetarius2018d ago

Sell my games? Hell no, i'll keep my collection.

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The story is too old to be commented.